Come take my job!

* or at least another one just like it

What's this about?

"We need to clone you", they said.

Two years after joining EZchip Semiconductor inc. architecture group as the company first and only software architect, the powers that be have decided the experiment was successful and we need to hire another one.

This is no accident. Software is eating the world and things are not different in the networking market. Software defined networking and network functions virtualization are just two of the buzz words doing the rounds, but what they amount to is that the days of networking equipment as a configurable but fixed function devices and the rigid networks they give rise to are numbered. The future belong to programmable networks and EZchip new NPS line of products is the building block to building them.

But programmable networks need programmers. And programmers need software architects to define the APIs and SDK, spearhead the development of reference applications, tweak the operating systems and design device drivers to make using all this new found goodness easy. After all - this is what we at EZchip do: make building bleeding edge networking equipment easy.

So we need more of "me" and that's OK. There is plenty of work (and play) to go around. Which brings me to the bottom line - come take my job, or at least another one just like it:

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Job Description

As a software architect you will be responsible to lead parts of the technical definition and implementation of EZchip Semiconductor inc. software stack.

The role requires a deep technical understanding and hands on experience with networking, device drivers, Linux, real time and performance optimizations, as well as the ability to effectively communicate and engage with customers and partners, both internal and external.

To successfully fulfill this role, you will need to be able to attend to the most minute detail without losing sight of the bigger picture and feel just as home fine tuning a low level assembly loop or giving a presentation to an international customer R&D team about EZchip software stack.

In return, you will enjoy working in an upbeat environment with some of the smartest people in the world, working together to expand the boundaries of what high end networking equipment can do. The work involves an unmatched breadth of different technologies ranging from state of the art massively multi-core system on chip design and Linux kernel modifications to support them and down to JSON-RPC interfaces and Java based GUI. This is a rare opportunity to take a position that involves both high technical skills and a customer facing job, where enthusiasm and initiative are highly rewarded.


  • At least 5 years experience designing, implementing, debugging and optimizing networking code, networking protocols and/or device drivers.
  • Detailed understanding of networking principles and protocols: Ethernet, TCP/IP, routing, HTTP, IPSEC, SSL etc.
  • Familiarity with Linux based development environment.
  • Good understanding of operating system design principles: scheduling, memory management, etc.
  • Significant experience in customer facing and/or training experience with international customers and/or partners.
  • A bachelor degree or higher in computer science, electrical engineering or comparable field from an accredited academic institution or verifiable equivalent background.
  • The ability to be self initiated as well as work well with others in a group.
  • Fluent English.

Bonus points

  • Experience with Carrier or Metro Ethernet and/or data center networking.
  • Experience with Intel DPDK
  • Experience with multi-core systems (SMP, cluster, ccNUMA)
  • Open Source contribution

The perks

Beside the professional challenge, competitive salary, restricted share units and the usual social benefits ("הטבות סוציאליות"), this job also entitles you to some perks. Some of the major ones are:

  • Company subsidized lunch. Actually there is always something to eat around here, regardless of the hour...
  • Excellent company subsidized private health insurance plan, with discounts for family members
  • There's a office gym if you work out of the Yokneam office. Both locations have showers and some people like to jog or bike together before work.
  • We work in real offices (2 to 3 people in a room) with a door that can be closed if you need a bit of quiet to think. No "open space".
  • Really great social atmosphere. I'd send you videos from the last team member wedding except I got bribed to never show them again. Oopss...
  • Company supported social involvment volunteering programs, such as Shiur Aher

The fine print

This is a full time position only, with main place of employment at either Kiryat Gat or Yokneam, Israel. The role involves frequent out of country travel. Batteries not included.

Final words

To apply send your CV and cover letter to me.

And remember - clones are people two :-)

Gilad Ben-Yossef

Software Architect

EZchip Semiconductor inc.