Media Literacy

Social Media

Media's Influence

I think the general definition of media is anything that’s publicized. Media is what we use to connect to each other. Media is communication and how we use it. I believe that media could be phones, social media sites, radio, TV, etc.. I think that the media can be such a great or terrible thing. Media is wonderful in the way that we get to be connected to all people, no matter how far away we are from them. I use social media to talk to my family and friends who live far away from me. Since they live 10 hours away in Ohio, I want to use any resource available to talk to them as much as possible. I also use media to explore what is going on in the world around me. I can get on Facebook, watch TV, or listen to the radio and find out what is happening on the news or find out the latest gossip on celebrities. The media is such a revolutionary tool that it is how some people find their spouses. In fact, I know a couple from my church that met online and they’ve been happily married for several years. That is why media is such an amazing resource when people know how to use it. And when you are media literate, that means that you understand how to use any kind of media that’s available to you. If you are media literate, you would be able to utilize the media. You would have a basic knowledge of how to work and get the most out of your resources.

Satirical News

Footballs, field goals, and funding

Becca Smith, School Funds

Suwannee, Georgia- Peachtree Ridge High School is always striving to set and raise the “Standard of Excellence”. But what if we can’t afford this standard? We all know how vital it is to go to every Friday night football game. If you don’t go, you’re an outcast for weeks. And for obvious reasons I might add. We all know watching guys tackle each other for 3 hours helps improve test scores, your cognitive abilities, and what college you can get in to.

That is why increasing the funds for the football team is so important. We need to slash the (practically) millions we give to the fine arts. They are so overfunded they don’t know what to do with all their money. Money should be going towards the important programs in the school. Like it was stated by this sports enthusiast:

“Funding the athletic department is so much more important! Athletes have such a likeliness of going pro. With the arts, there’s no chance. You’ll never make a name for yourself being a painter, singer, or dancer. But there’s nothing but endless possibilities for athletes. That’s why all of money funded for arts should be put towards the athletic department.” –JoAnna Lee

The fine arts are waste of funds and need to be shut down. Everyone already knows this and now, it just needs to happen. Why waste time with the arts when you can train everyone to be athletic? The sooner football is funded more, from the meager amount they get now, to a decent amount, the better. Football is the future.

Watch Ellen's Beats Music Commercial

Precis of "The Right Music"

Beats Music and AT&T’s commercial, “The Right Music” (2014) featuring Ellen DeGeneres, suggests that Beat’s music has something for whatever your taste in music might be and that AT&T’s family plan makes it available to everyone to enjoy and to “just hit play.” Beats and AT&T supports their suggestion by setting Ellen up in a modern version of the tale the Three Little Bears. Ellen picks up the first phone and says “Papa’s music is too fast.” So she goes and gets Mama Bear’s phone and says, "Mama's music was too slow.” And then Ellen decides to go get the teenagers phone to realize that their music is too something... But finally she realizes to use Beats music and it was able to find music just right for her. This shows that Beats music can find the perfect music for anyone at any time. Beats Music and AT&T’s purpose is to illustrate their ability to please everyone so that Beats Music and AT&T users will be guaranteed that they’ll be satisfied. These companies produced this commercial in a humorous tone for the benefit of a variety of audiences. The audience could be someone looking for a new cell phone company, someone who loves music, and anyone that feels they can’t find the music that is just right for them. But Beats Music and AT&T prove that they can solve any of those problems. All you have to do is “just hit play.”

One way or another Lyrics- Blondie

One Way or Another

One Way or Another by Blondie is a very fitting song for the soundtrack of 1984 because in the song it talks about how they are going to get you. They will find you and get you. It might me tomorrow or next week but they’ll be there. You won’t know when it’s going to happen, but they guarantee it will be one day. This reminded me of what Winston said about Syme and how one day he was going to be vaporized. There was no definite day but it will happen and there’s nothing to prevent it. It’s also said in the song that they’ll see you one way or another. They’ll find you, drive past your house, and do whatever it takes. The overall message of One Way or Another is that no matter the obstacle, they’re going to get you. You will never know when or where, but it will just happen one day. And two lines that stuck out at me were, “Where I can see it all, find out who ya call”. This reminded me of 1984 too because they know it all and they’ll find out who you are calling and know even your own personal thoughts. This song gives a very ominous tone and gives a parallel between the creepy person that thought of the words and the government (Ingsoc) in 1984. Because they’ll find you and get you.

Final Smore

My opinion about media and the general definition of it is still the same. But my view on the use of it has changed. I understand the value of media now. It can be such a powerful and influential tool when used in a certain way. Like in 1984, when there is a powerful government controlling the media allowed to be viewed it makes the civilization oppressed. Or in V for Vendetta, when V uses the TV to get a message to the people and how closely monitored any show was to keep the government in the power and the people in the dark. These examples have helped to show me how important being aware is. I’ve learned a lot more than I ever have in any of my past language arts classes. It’s been amazing to actually read books and to not just watch the movies. And I feel like the class work we’ve received is more applicable to life than other courses I’ve gone through. My experience in here has been great and I feel like a lot of that was due to your teaching style and attitude towards your students. You make us feel more like equals than children and that makes me more eager to come to class and actually learn. I feel like I’ve taken a lot away from this class; like not to make excuses and underestimate what I can do and to not use the word boring. Also, that annotating a text is vexing but extremely helpful in the long run. I am leaving this class with a lot of practical applications. I can go to college feeling more prepared. I know what to expect more and how to write in a way that flows. I’ve always struggled with writing and I always blamed it on not enjoying it. Now that you’ve taught me more practical techniques, writing has already become more enjoyable. But I felt like we could’ve focused more on actual media and using it to become more aware on current events.