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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ December 9

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Bucks Attendance Challenge

Be where it counts! We need students in school all day, every day whenever possible. Part of that includes being on time to school every day, which means arriving by 8:30 a.m.

This week, 258 of our students (90% of our students) were on time every day this week. Let's keep it up, Lakeview! Only 29 students were late to school this week.

Any student that is on time to school every day from December 5 through December 22 will be entered into a drawing to win 2 tickets to the Bucks game on January 16. This means a student would need to have 0 tardies starting Monday until Winter Break. The drawing will be on the afternoon of December 22nd and the winning family will be contacted before Winter Break.

Spirit Days Before Break

Here are some fun dress-up days for the week before Winter Break:

Monday, December 19 - "Merry and Bright" - Wear Bright Colors and/or Light up Accessories

Tuesday, December 20 - "Winter Wonderland" - Wear BLUE and White (Sparkles optional) - Lakeview colors!

Wednesday, December 21 - "Mad for Plaid" - Wear your favorite flannel shirt

Thursday, December 22 - "Crazy Hat, Headband, and Sock Day" - Wear your favorite hat, headband, and/or crazy socks

Positive Behavior Update

Each month, we provide an update on the behavior data at Lakeview.

• We've had 334 Golden Lions total this year so far (those are special examples of being safe, respectful, and engaged)

• Of the unexpected behaviors (incidents), 85% of our students do not have any incidents, 8% have one incident, 6% of students have between two and five behavior incidents, and 1% have six or more behavior incidents this year so far. That means 93% of our students have either not had any behavior issues or just one issue! We celebrate this (a typical school would have a goal of 80% or better ... we are at 93%)

One of the areas we are going to target as a school for the weeks between now and winter break is "respect". That means many things to many people, and I'm sure every household at Lakeview would have a slightly different idea. In a school, we all have to agree on what it means to be respectful. Therefore, next week, we will highlight one aspect of what it means to be "respectful" each day on our morning announcements. Then, students will start receiving new tickets whenever they are showing respectful behavior.

Again, we are not doing this because our students do not show respect. In fact, our students are quite respectful, thanks to our great families. We just see a need to come to a common understanding as a school about what it means to be respectful to each other.

PTO Newsletter

Our Lakeview PTO has created a newsletter for our families. Please click the link below it to read about:

• Upcoming family events

• Current fundraisers

1st Trimester Report Cards

Our elementary schools will not be sending home paper copies of the report cards anymore. Instead, the report card for your child(ren) will be available in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal on Friday, December 16. We will send instructions about how to access the report card, but you should make sure you can access your Parent Portal before December 16. Please contact the office at Lakeview if you need assistance. Our goal is to use the IC Parent Portal more in the future, and this is another step in that direction.

Golden Lions this week

Here are the Lakeview Golden Lions for this week. We had 34 examples of being safe, respectful, and engaged!

• Kassidy was working very hard on her how to writing and was proud of her writing. Keep it up!

• Raylan always used his good manners. He remembers to say please, thank you and excuse me. Way to show respect to others!

• Aiden has increased his engagement in math and writing over the last few days. He completed his assignments in a timely manner and has taken more responsibility for his learning! Great job, Aiden. Keep it up!

• Thank you Ava for not taking a turn on an instrument when it was offered to you because you had already had a turn. That shows so much respect for the other students that were waiting for their turn to play. Great job!

• Addy always is willing to help others at recess time. She graciously agreed to take a kindergarten friend inside so the friend did not have to go in by herself. Thank you for your smile and kindness!

• [Name] has been trying very hard to follow directions, answer questions when they are asked and answer respectfully when someone is talking to her. She is working very hard on counting, snap words and reading books online and in her book tub during reading time. Keep up the great work!

• A few days ago, Kam Ron asked to move his desk to a spot that was away from distractions. He felt it would help him focus better, and he was right! He is almost finished publishing his animal book and that is because he made a good choice for himself as a learner! I am so proud of you Kam Ron!

• Isabelle has been a very active participant in small group reading and is working hard on her Lexia lessons. That hard work is paying off because she has grown 4 reading levels since the start of second grade! Keep reading at home and keep reading here at school Isabelle!!

• Ava has worked very hard in the classroom to follow classroom expectations. She demonstrates kindness and support to her friends. Great job, Ava!

• Sophia is always engaged while at the carpet. She works very hard to learn as much as she can. Sophia does a great job of following carpet expectations while listening to a lesson. Keep up the nice job, Sophia!

• Karina is always demonstrating SM character traits of being safe, respectful and engaged. She sets a great example for all of her friends. Keep up the great work, Karina!

• Hamish decided to move onto yarn weaving, once he had mastered paper weaving in Art class. He asked politely for help when he needed it, then worked independently at his seat, completing a large portion of his yarn weaving. Congratulations on being a weaver, Hamish! Keep it up!

•Johanna did a great job listening to directions in Art class! She stayed at her table spot during work time, followed safety rules for using glue and paint, and she created an amazing artwork! Keep it up, Johanna!

• Ava listened carefully to instructions in Art class. When she got her tools, Ava sat safely in her chair, and began working right away. She used her tools and body safely, and used her words to ask respectfully for help with taping her paper. Great job today, Ava!

• Maeson saw another student spill his milk and breakfast in the hallway. Maeson immediately offered to help the student clean up his spill and helped him carry the rest of his trash to the garbage can. Way to be a helpful and caring friend, Maeson! You make this school a better place!

• I (Mrs. Tinsen) made a mistake during music. Ema was so gracious and generous about it. Thanks for understanding that teachers make mistakes too Ema!

• While walking to specials, Princeton had his hands behind his back, he had a bubble in his mouth to show level zero, his eyes were facing forward and he was using walking feet. Princeton showed his class what it means to be be safe, be respectful and to be engaged! Way to go, Princeton!

• During a transition, Izabella quietly put her reading bin away, used walking feet and got right in line with her eyes facing forward, her hands safely in front of her and a bubble in her mouth to show level 0. She looked and sounded like she was ready for the hallway! Way to go Izabella!

•During PA (Phonological Awareness), Manmeet showed that she was engaged by sitting criss-cross applesauce, eyes on the speaker and was able to participate by using the correct words and hand movements. Way to go, Manmeet!

• During work time, a student next to him dropped her tool box. Mario was the first student to stop was he was doing to help this student pick up all of her things. Thank you Mario for being so kind and helping friends when they need it!

• 4th graders have been working on getting in line when the whistle blows. It has been challenging for the kids who play football in the field. Asher proved it can be done! When the whistle blows and he is in the field playing football, he stops and runs to get in line. The other day, he was one of the first people to be in line. Way to set a great example, Asher!

• [Name] was so helpful in sharing his 'pause button' strategy to help stay in control. It is such a cool strategy. I can't wait to share it with other students, and use it myself!

• Alexa is the perfect example of somebody who uses her worktime wisely. She has been so focused during our ST math time that I had to recognize her. Keep it up Alexa! I'm so proud of the hard work you do and the focus you maintain during ST math and Lexia for that matter!

• Eleanora has been showing intense focus during her worktime. She has been so focused during our ST math time that a Golden Lion was in order. Keep it up Eleanora! I am very proud of the hard work you do and the focus you maintain during ST math.

• Samantha has been doing a great job of using her work time wisely. She has been especially focused during our ST math time. Keep it up Samantha! I am so proud of the hard work you do and the focus you maintain during ST math time.

• Alister is not only a super kind and respectful person, but he is also very interesting. It is so fun to have Alister in our class because he adds so much to our class discussions. He asks interesting questions and contributes a lot to our class discussions. This has been the case during our Science conversations about how Earth has changed over time. Alister keeps things interesting! We are so glad you are with us, Alister.

• Lerice is a helper. He is always willing to help anyone who needs it. Recently, I saw Lerice spend quite a bit of time helping a student or more like teaching a student how to multiply two larger numbers. It was amazing to watch him question the student to help them understand instead of just telling them how to solve the problem. He was kind and respectful the entire time he was helping. Lerice, maybe we have a future teacher in room 138...

• Every time I see Matthew in the hallways or lining up after recess he is always showing a perfect example of a level zero for his classmates. He even helps remind his friends sometimes.

• Anna has been working so hard on learning her letter sounds and has learned so many new ones in the past month!

• Anthony has been working so hard on learning letter and sounds! He has more than doubled what he knows in one month! Keep working hard, Anthony!

• James earned 10 stars for being safe, being respectful and being engaged in class. Way to go, James!!

• Mariana earned 10 stars for being safe, being respectful and being engaged in class. Way to go, Mariana. She's been working very hard in math, writing and reading. Great job:)

• Austin was "on fire" today during our reading group! He was finding all sorts of words with patterns that we have been working on and he was proud of his discoveries! Keep working hard Austin by using your skills to help when you are reading and writing.

• Kamila always works hard and is excited about her learning! She notices and makes connections with what she's learning in her classroom, on Lexia and with me. She takes her time to hear every letter sound when she is writing and reading. Keep up the great work!

Roar Awards for Teachers

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.