Spring Break

By: Tarnise Williams


Well my first couple of days of spring break i had gotten sick the pollen had messed my sinuses up real bad. i didn't do too much then until i had got better then it turned into a cold, but i'm better now.

Couple Days Later

The next couple days after i just hung out with my friends every other day. it's really nothing major to do down here i should've went out of town and did something but i didn't. But its alright spring break was great either way. Me and my mother went to Albany to find me some shoes and an outfit for my birthday that's coming up and we went out to eat also.

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Last Days Of Spring Break

The last 2 days i went to my grandmother and grandfather house me and my niece stayed with them and that Saturday my cousin went to prom so i seen him and his date took a couple pictures and watch everybody else look all beautiful and stuff. Then came Sunday the day went by fast and now I'm back here at school on this Monday morning.

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