Catherine II the great

Born: May 2, 1792/ Died: November 17 1796

Early years

Born in Germany, in the city of Stettin in Prussian Pomerania, on May 2nd 1729 into the family of Christian Augustus, Prince of Anhalt-Zebrst. Her was very religious and strict. He was also a commanding officer of a regiment of the Prussian army. She occasionally visited Hamburg wither her mother and spent summers in Brunswick and Berlin.

Catherine's Reign

Catherine the Great is remembered as one of the greatest reformers of Russia. During her reign, Catherine continued the reforms begun by Peter the Great that led to the emergence of Russia.

On August 21, 1744 Catherine Married Married Peter III , the Grand Duke of Holstein and heir apparent to the Russian Throne, in the biggest ceremony ever preformed in Europe. On June of 1762 , Peter was murdered in a coup staged by the Imperial Gaurds. Catherine was named empress and ruled for more than thirty years.

Catherine Proce

Children of Catherine

Guaranteed to have vodka

The death if Catherine II the great

She died of natural causes. But there is a rumor that she died while trying to have sexual intercourse with a horse.

Map of Russia during Catherine's reign