Taiga Summer Vacation Package

Lindsay Cox

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A little bit about the Taiga...

The Taiga is located through Canada, Europe and Asia. I bet you didn't know the Taiga is the largest biome on land! There's so much to see!

Vacation Package

Located in, Helinski, Finland:

A total of three activities you get to choose!

Activity one:

Hiking adventure tour or Biking adventure tour

Activity two:

Brown bear watching or Plant and Tree tour

Activity three:

Horseback riding adventure or Canoeing in the Wild Taiga

Climate of the Taiga

The average temperature in the summer is over 50 degrees. But the temperature can drop since in the Taiga the majority of the year it is cold. It can be sunny, so I recommend bringing some sunscreen!

Animals of the Taiga

Animals enclude: Snow hare, Brown bear and Elk. All of these animals have had to adapt to the harsh climates. You probbly wil not see snow hairs sice they have adapted to survive in the snowier times of the year.

Plants of the Taiga

Mostly conifer trees! And others like, Spruce, Hemlock and Fir trees, these trees have all adapted to the intense climate in the Taiga. There is also a few broad leaf trees like, Birch, Poplar, and Aspen. Those trees loose there leaves in fall/winter to conserve the needed energy to survive.

Geography of the Taiga

The Taiga is full of mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys and other natural formations. Since the Taiga is so far north there is almost no towns, but in Europe such as Finland there are more towns.

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