Jeff beckett

The statement surprised him

Any news? Maclean asked, as he pulled away from Bella and returned to the bed. Angus removed his cloth cap and ran a apartamente de vanzare bucuresti hand through his hair. He came further into the room and settled in a wooden chair at the foot of the bed. Some of the lads are out at the wood now looking for the one who clobbered you he said. There's been no sign of the fourth man, yet. We've combed this side of the island thoroughly enough, so we can only assume he's on the other side.

We'll get him sooner or later, though, don't you worry. Then you're not going apartamente de vanzare bucuresti to wait for the police after what's happened? Angus raised his arms in exasperation. Not you as well, laddie. That's all I've been hearing from the womenfolk. Leave it to the law, they say. And meanwhile those murdering thugs roam around out there wrecking and looting our homes.

No matter that they might shoot more of us in the process. We just can't stand by and let them get away with it. We've got to stand up for ourselves. What if you still haven't caught them by the time the ferry arrives tomorrow? Maclean apartamente de vanzare bucuresti said. Angus shrugged. I don't think I'll have much say in the matter then.

The women will make sure the authorities are brought into it despite the treasure. They'll want to get on with funeral arrangements and such. But it would be a bloody pity if the law was to take them. They'll no suffer enough is what I'm thinking. They deserve to die a coward's death. TWENTY FIVE Parker couldn't see the wood from the derelict cottage in which he was holed up and therefore didn't know they were concentrating their efforts on it.

And since he hadn't seen another human being in almost an hour, he was beginning to wonder if they'd packed it in for the day and gone home. His hideaway was right out in the open on the moors and clearly visible in daylight to anyone apartamente de vanzare bucuresti who came within half a mile of it. It was the isolation of the place and the stark nakedness of the moorland around it which had drawn him to it. For it would be impossible for anyone to get close to him during the day without him seeing them. And in the event that they did come he could run in any of a dozen directions. He was feeling cold now and lonely.

He longed for the warmth and comfort of his tiny centrally heated flat in London. How long could he sustain his will to live he didn't know and hated to think. But gradually and inevitably the strength in both his mind and body was being apartamente de vanzare bucuresti sapped and soon, he feared, he would stop running.