Cough syrup

Not just for cough's.

How cough syrup isn't only for cough's

Cough syrup isnt only for cough's these days. Teens are mixing cough syrup with candy and soda. Cough syrup is supposed to surpress cough's and only to be taken when prescribed by a doctor.

How the drug is made

This drug is made by simply mixing soda ( usually sprite or coca-cola) with cough syrup and a candy (usually jolly ranchers or skittles). This drug is dangerous and can cause serious and fatal health issues.

How is this drug used?

This drug is used by drinking the cough syrup drink and getting high off of it. This drink is highly addictive and you can become out of control and drink to much and possibly die from drinking to much.

What are the long term and short term affects?

Short term:

  • relaxation
  • indifference to emotional or physical pain
  • drowsy feeling but will go away after building a tolerance
Long term:

  • Addiction
  • with drawl is painful
  • can cause seizures or death
  • mixing with depressions can kill you

Slang terms

  • dex or drex
  • dexing
  • orange crush
  • poor man's PCP
  • red devils
  • red hot's
  • robo
  • robo-dosing
  • robotard
  • rojo
  • skittles
  • skittling
  • syrup head
  • tussin
  • velvet
  • purple drank
  • vitamin D
  • sizzurp
  • purple jelly