First Grade News


  • Thank you to all the parents who are taking the time to study spelling words and reading with their child every night! Your efforts and hard work is paying off and becoming very evident in the classroom.
  • Please be sure you are checking your child`s backpack every night. Each day I try my best to write in every child`s book.
  • PLEASE send you child to school with their back pack EVERY DAY! Its hard to send things home when they have no back pack.
  • As I said last week I also now have the option of sending this out via email. So if you would like to receive the news letter please write your email address in your child's planner.


Conferences will be on the 27th and 28 of October. Sign up forms came home on Friday, if you need a new one please let me know. If I do not get a form back by Friday I will assign you a time.

Important Dates

  • October 2-October 15 Major Saver Fundraiser
  • October 6 Fall Pictures
  • October 6 Breakfast with Books 8:30-9:00 come eat breakfast and read with your child in their classroom
  • October 6 McTeacher Night Fundraiser at McDonalds (Forest and 24 Hwy) Come eat at McDonalds and help earn money for our school!
  • October 9 End of First Quarter
  • October 26-29 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 29 Attendance Assembly
  • October 30 No School

Box Tops!

Our class brought in over 100 box tops and earned the pajama party. The date has not been set yet but it will probably be next week. As a building we brought in over 1000 box tops. This is great for helping the school earn some extra money, as we earn 10 cents for every one we get. So please keep saving them and bringing them in! We will have another school wide competition in the spring and I have a jar in the classroom where we can start collecting now.

Spelling List

red, win, drum, will, bell, doll, skull, windmill, said, here, come, some, you, your ,are, all, to, do, be, was.


  • Monday- PE- Please wear tennis shoes or your child will not participate.
  • Tuesday- Library
  • Wednesday-Music
  • Thrusday-Art
  • Friday-PE

Smarty Ants

Smarty Ants is an online program our school uses to support developing reading skills. We now have it set up again so students can play at home if they wish. To access it all they need to do is go to Their user name is Soendker and their password is their lunch number. All students should know their lunch number now, but if they don't let me know and I can send it home with them.


As parents, we all want to believe our children are smart and stand out as a good student in class. To look like the “smart kid” in class, often the child has to put effort into his/her work. Hand writing is neat and assignments are handed in on time, or even before they are due. A smart student is a child who is successful in class and does not need outside help to be an achiever.

A gifted student does not always “look” smart. Instead, the gifted student may not have to put much effort into his/her work and may not do the work at all if he/she does not see a reason for doing it. Gifted students may not have patience with the repeated practice that is usually needed for the average student. A gifted student’s mind may be thinking so rapidly that handwriting is difficult to read which may cause the teacher not to realize what the student is actually able to do. Rarely do we see a gifted student that is good at everything. Usually he/she excels in a certain area like math or writing.

The surprising thing is that many gifted students need SUPPORT to be successful. If you feel your child is able to master the grade level curriculum without effort and needs more challenging work – talk to the classroom teacher. Ask for the teacher’s input as to how your child does at school. There is a big difference between a parent working one on one with a child and his/her learning within a large group of students; so you need the classroom teacher’s perspective. If you both feel that your child needs more of a challenge, think about referring your child for IMPACT’s screening in the spring. Talk to the counselor or the student’s classroom teacher about the procedure to refer a student. The deadline for first through fifth grade student names from each elementary school counselor to be turned in to the IMPACT teachers will be January 22th.