By: Lauryn Moore

What is Christianty?

Christianity is the most popular religion worldwide. Followers are called Christians. They believe that Jesus died on the cross for their sins. Traditions might be going to Church, reading the bible, and praying. If you are a christian, you probably go to Church. Church is the place where you would worship God. You might call the worship leader the Pastor or maybe even the Priest. The Pastor is the person who preaches about the Word of God. The holy book is called the Bible. In the Bible you can find stories about the desciples, Jesus, and others.

How Does Christianity Relate to Other Religions?

It relates to Islam and Judaism because they both believe in the God of Abraham. All three religions trust that God is watching over them and caring for them. Basically Judaism doesn't believe that Jesus was ever here on Earth. And Muslims think that Jesus wasn't the Son of God.