The History Of The Middle Colonies

The middle of all the three colonies

Middle colonies

In the Middle Colonies located between new england and southern colonies. They had schools for only for the people who were wealthy because they send them to privite schools.The other thing that the middle colonies had was slavery because the wealthy people wanted them to be like servants. Patroons promised to settle at least 50 European farm families on there land. Some farmers wanted to work for the patroons beacause the patroons had great power and could charge whatever rents they pleased. The other thing that many were attracted by the chance to practice their freely and african slaves were in demand as well. The religon they had in the Middle colonies were roman catholics, french protestants, and jews buy the land. Also,Stuyvesant had made hiimself unpopular with his harsh rule and heavy taxes that the colonists refused to help him.

Life in the Middle Colonies

Farmers found more favorble conditions in the middle colonies than in new england. The broad hudson and the deleware river valleys were rich and fertile.