Andrew Carnagie


What will you do if you are a millionaire? this person gave them to charities and his name is Andrew Canegie.

Early Life And Childhood

He was born in Dufemline,Scotland. His, dad Will Canegie struggled to support his family, so Andrew tried helping his family earning $1.20 a week. Later his dad died.

He was 84 when died on August 11,1919.



Got really rich by producing steel. With his money he donated them to charities for education.


  • Born in 1835 Dunfermline,Scotland
  • 1848 Emigrated with his family to United States, settles near Pittsburgh
  • 1856 Invests in railroad sleeping cars
  • 1861 Invests in oil and other companies
  • 1865 Retires from railroad;founds Keystone Bridge Company
  • 1872 Visits Bessemer steel plants in England
  • 1875 Opens his first steel plant, Edgar Thomson Works, in Braddock PA
  • 1881 Assumes control of Frick Coke Compony

    • 1883: Buys Homestead Works steel mill.

    • 1889: Publishes "Gospel of Wealth."
    • 1899: Forms Carnegie Steel from his several steel companies.
    • 1901: Sells out to Morgan, becoming richest man in the world.
    • 1919: Dies at estate in Lenox, MA.