Saber Tooth Tiger



  • The Saber Tooth Tiger was a prehistoric animal found in the western hemisphere.
  • They are mostly known today for their large canine teeth that stuck out beyond their mouths.
  • They are mainly known for their large canine teeth that grow more than 7 inches depending on age
  • Their fur is actually similar to a tigers. It's thick and short and very hard to dig into.
  • Other than the basic information, there really is not much to say about this exquisite animal.


Saber toothed tigers became extinct because the change in weather in their lifetime. They lived at the end of dinosaur times and the beginning of the ice age. The ice age had a huge impact on these animals by diseases and and the severe change in temperature. Humans didn't have he mindset as we do now a days , they had the mindset that they needed to protect themselves and their family.