Fifth Grade News

Week of September 22nd

Bulldogs Give 100%!!!!

Academics Next Week in 5th Grade:

Reading: The BFG

Math: Mental Multiplication and Estimating Products

Writing/Grammar: Personal Narratives

Science: Lesson 3 How is Heat Transferred?

Spelling: Inside Out, Digraphs: th, sh, ch, ph

Celebrity of the Week:

In today's signed papers you will see a schedule for each student's "Celebrity of the Week." This is something special we do during the 5th grade year so that every child can shine! The only thing we need from you is a little help gathering up to 20 pictures. You will then need to save them on your child's flash drive for Computer class. Their pictures can showcase family, friends, vacations, pets, etc. Ms. Kitchens will be instructing them on how they will be used in conjunction with COW (Celeb of the Week). Students are allowed to bring in a special snack to be shared with their homeroom on Friday at recess if they choose. This is not required! Snacks should be something easy to pass out and drinks are optional as well.

Homecoming Information:

If your child ordered a Homecoming T-shirt, they ARE allowed to wear them to school on Friday, September 26th. All other dress code requirements are the same.

Our next book will begin in October. We will be reading Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn. This is a great mystery that will be just right for Halloween! For this novel and the books we read in the future, we ask that you purchase your own copy for your child to read. We feel strongly that they need to have a copy they can highlight and/or write notes and annotations when needed. Please no library copies. Our list of books for the year will be as follows:

Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn

Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks

From Mrs. Gunnin:

Parents and students, please remember classes with 100% participation in the TechKnowledge fundraiser will be able to go to the Jump Party on Friday, October 3rd. As of right now, our homeroom is in LAST place of the lower school with 61%. I know we can pull together and get 100%! Let's work hard! It all goes to GWA to make our school better!

From Mrs. Millians:

The first Science test is in signed papers today. 5th grade science concepts are much more complicated and require higher order thinking skills. The notes I give your child or ask your child to write are all in preparation for their chapter test. They need to be kept in good order in the Science section of their binder. They should review these notes on a daily basis. Waiting until the night before to study is never a good idea. Use the book only for clarification when studying because everything I want them to remember is in their notes.

Other upcoming dates:

Third TechKnowledge Turn In 9/22

CHAMPS Gunnin's class 9/25

Homecoming Parade 9/26

Homecoming Game 9/26