What's Winterguard

The definition of winterguard is: Winterguard is the sport of the arts. Winter guard is an indoor color guard sport that's from military ceremonies or veterans organizations ceremonies. Unlike traditional color guard, winter guard is performed indoors, usually in a gym or indoor arena. Performances make use of recorded music rather than a live band or orchestra.

Questions People Have

What's different between winterguard and colorguard?

There are a few things that are different like winterguard is indoors and colorguard is outdoors. Winterguard mostly uses recordings of songs or mashups and colorguard is performed with the band.

When does it start and end?

Winter guard starts early november and ends in the middle of april.

Why is there two different groups?

We have two different groups because they are graded differently. In our group Shadow we have the cadets aging from 5-8 grade and the A guard aging from 9-12 grade.

How are you scored?

We have a few different judges grading our work. We get graded for performance, if our work is clean, if we understand what's going on, they also grade our overall show and if we qualify


We mainly use three main things of equipment. The most common one is the flag. It is usually 5-6 feet tall with a silk at the end of it. We usually have two or three different flags each. There are two different kinds of flags the practice flag and the performance flag. We also have a rifle. The rifle is most of the time wood and 36 inches. The rifles usually only have two flags unless you have a solo. There usually are only about five to nine people on rifle. The third main piece of equipment is the Sabre. Most of the time the blade of the sabre is metal and the hilt of the sabre is plastic. Usually you wont see an A guard show without rifle and sabre. You also usually don't see a sabre and rifle in a cadet show together. But you always see flags in a show. We always have an all flag. An all flag is when you have everyone on flag. instead of just a few people on flag and the rest on dance, rifle or sabre.

The Winterguard in our town

The winterguard in our town is called Shadow. We are very skilled in what we do. We meet on weekends and usually have six hour practices. Sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. We have many different fundraisers. The one fundraiser we are almost done with is the Polar Plunge. This is really all there is to say other than we have two different groups for winterguard the Cadets and the A guard. We also have a drumcore.


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