Aren't we all equal?!


Why do people treat other people different based on the colour of their skin, their sexe or their religion? I'm convinced that there is no answer on this question that can justify this iniquity. I wan't to fight against racism and discrimination, I stand up against everything that involves treating others different based on prejudices.

Why do so many people think that one is better than another because the other loves people of the same sexe? Aren't we all equal? We are all human beings, we live on the same planet, have the same ancestors and the same history. And yes, maybe we are all different too, because of the things we've been trough, the country where we grew up, the skincolour we have or the people we fall in love with. But are these differences reasons to treat someone bad, can you justify the things you say to one because they differ from you? I don't think so, all men are equal and we must treat everyone the same.

I stand up against this injustice!

Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream" Full speech (1963 Washington)