Are You Aware of Stress?

By: Peyten Harnett

stress is......

A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. There is good stress and bad stress the difference between good and bad stress is, good stress is beneficial and motivating, and bad stress causes anxiety and health problems. The bodies response to stress is when you feel threatened, your nervous system respond by releasing a flood of stress and hormones including adrenaline. Emotions caused by stress are, feeling agitated, being overwhelmed, having low self esteem.

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Things that can help with stress and that can't help with stress.

Being more active can help with stress, laughing more, yoga, getting more sleep, if your stress is bad enough go seek a counselor, and keep a journal to write down your thoughts! Other ways people relive stress that is unhealthy such as drinking, smoking or doing drugs, eating, ignoring it, cutting.