Yosemite National Park

Created By: Julia Harmon

Yosemite National Park is one of the most alluring national parks in the United States. Yosemite has dozens of species of trees and thousands of species of plants that make it stunning. Yosemite also has a few rock masses that range from 3,000 feet to 9,900 feet high. That is just a couple of the extraordinary things about Yosemite.

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The first people to live in Yosemite were the Ahwahneechee. The Ahwahneechee were a Native American tribe. After John Muir, an environmentalist, helped inspire the decision to make Yosemite a national park, it was made official in 1980. Thank you for reading about the history of Yosemite National Park.

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Why Horsetail Falls is Red

Once upon a time, long before dinosaurs, there were tiny creatures that flew around the Earth with their sparkling wings. These creatures had magic and they looked like tiny humans with wings. They were fairies. The fairies had a very well organized society. The ones who chose to sin were sent to live underground in caves. The caves were where all of the beasts lived. One day, in this perfect society, a herd of reindeer came running straight through all of the fairies and their homes. The fairies had never seen such an animal. They were dismayed when they saw the remains of what they used to call home. It was an unfulfilling day as the group headed out to find a new place to settle. On the seventh day, they found a waterfall. The fairies decided to settle in the meadow near where the water sprouted out of the cliff. The fairies found many privileges of living next to a waterfall so they decided to be extra careful to make sure herds of reindeer did not destroy this new perfect place. After five years of living near the waterfall, the fairies started to grow bored and unappreciative of they had. The discontentment was getting to be dangerous. Fairies started going to war with each other and have arguments. The herd of Reindeer was not far from the waterfall. They could sense the discontentment and knew they needed to put an end to it. The herd of reindeer went to see the all-knowing spotted owl to ask her a question. They asked the spotted owl who the most powerful animal in the land was. The owl said to go see the Sierra Nevada red fox. So the reindeer did as they were told. They told the fox the situation and the fox said to watch the waterfall at dusk of May 26 to see the solution to the problem. At first the reindeer stated that the time had to be sooner because May 26 was 172 days from the current day. The fox showed his sharp teeth and claws as if to say he could eat all of them right then and there. With that, the reindeer had no more complaints. The herd of reindeer went home and for the next 172 days they rested and waited. Meanwhile, the fairies remained in the same selfish, greedy community. Finally, the day came, the reindeer stood where they could have a clear view of the waterfall. The fairies woke up and started yelling a usual. The day went by and dusk came. The fox hid behind a boulder along with a bobcat. Both of them pounced and started attacking and killing the fairies until there was none left and so the waterfall was red with fairy blood. The fox and the bobcat left with full stomachs. The reindeer ran out and cried by the waterfall for they had not meant for the fairies to die but only for them to learn a lesson. Now every night at dusk, the waterfall appears to be red to remind the forest creatures of what happens when you trust a sneaky fox.