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Convention recap and Team NEWS!

Our teammates representing at Convention! Our newsest members Janeice Ferrell, Joanna Cone and Judit Soos under Dana Maksmovich!

Team {NAME}

So, I wanted to start our newsletter where we left off last time - with a Team Name. At first I thought I would look through our Tagged line for ideas. Faith, Grace, Hope, Dream... The Dream Team sounded fun. Then at Convention I thought of T.H.E. Team, a bold choice. Thankful, Humble and Eager. After listening to Life Coach Darlene Santore and Bella's mom Chrissy Weems speak (and one day I hope to share the very emotional and personal revelation I had from last weekend with you) there was something that kind of stuck with me. After struggling with some personal trials and self doubt I decided it's Time To F.L.Y. - Finally Love Yourself. So.... If it's okay with y'all, I'd like to be the Time to F.L.Y. Team. Whatcha think?

We are working on FOUR new teams under Dana Maksimovich, Kathy Hoffman, Janeice Ferrell and recently Tammy Howe, who will all need team names too! You all are welcome to check with your teams and come up with a name, although it is not required, and share with the rest of us!!

Now, there may be some of you that are completely confused by all this talk of teams. I encourage you to get in touch with your mentor and look over the O2 Career Plan. It will make much more sense to see how everything is laid out and you'll be able to plan out your next steps to promote with O2 as well!!

Brand NEW Trip to CABO!! You can EARN IT!

Watch the video from the back office for all the details!

password oocall

Also, our fearless LOVE Team leader, Kimberlie Harrell has started a Cabo Team page for those of you ready to hit the ground running and WIN this thing. Homework and challenges included! You can DO IT!


As always, be sure to talk with your direct mentor if you have questions and concerns and I will help, of course, in any way I can.

Please check the back office daily for updates and news from The Nest. Backorder/In Stock lists are posted there as well, which are a great tool to be armed with as you go into a Jewlery Bar so that you can give the most up-to-date info to your customers. If you are a DIW, please check into the Love Team facebook page. There are tons of files and helpful information there as well.

We are having a training open to EVERYONE that can make it, Saturday, July 27th from 11-2:30pm with Kimberlie Harrell. I guarantee you DON'T want to miss this if you can help it. I am looking into video conferencing too, and will keep you posted on that.

Here is the link to the event page, so you can RSVP!

Thanks everyone!!

Lindsey Sullivan
Team Leader