IBS Midwest

2016 Q1 Newsletter

Welcome to 2016!

Hello and welcome to 2016! We greatly appreciate your business and as always are looking forward to serving you in the years ahead.

-Your IBS Midwest Team

It's Restaurant Week in Kansas City!

It's that time of year in Kansas City where you can enjoy great food while helping local charities!

Click here for more information on Kansas City Restaurant Week which runs from January 16-24, 2016.


New Year! New Gear!


Help Us Help You!

New feature!!!

  1. Go to our website www.ibsmidwest.com
  2. Click on the little blue SUPPORT TAB WIDGET on the left
  3. From here, you can submit a ticket,, attach a file, take a screenshot, or search our Knowledge Base.

Help Us Help You by telling us what kind of help documents you would like to see on the Knowledge Base!

You had me at support widgit! : )

The History of the Cash Register

Ever wonder where tracking and tightening monetary security for business owners originated? Here is a link that shows a brief history of the first cash register.


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Are you backing up your data? At the very least you should have a local backup...meaning all of your sales data, reports, menu items, etc., are sent to another computer or external hard drive.

Want a more secure backup in case of a data eating VIRUS that affects your ENTIRE NETWORK?! AHHHHHHHHH!!! Ok...seriously though, we've seen this happen before and even the local data backup was unusable. To sum up? Everything was gone...If there was only a better way...Maybe an OFF-SITE BACKUP TO THE CLOUD?

Boom. Got it! If you aren't currently utilizing our Managed Online Backup, please protect your data and your business in 2016 by giving us a call to set up that service.


Being More Sustainable in 2016?

If you are looking for ways to be more sustainable this year, check out this article from the National Restaurant Association!


You can also take a closer look at the Conserve program here!


Preventative Maintenance

How long has it been since your POS equipment had a good cleaning? Is it running slow?

Call us to schedule some preventative maintenance for your equipment so it doesn't crash due to a lack of attention.


Support Agreements

Want the freedom to call us, allow remote access to your stations, have Managed Online Backup, enable Web Protection, AND get 20% off services?

Get the full package with our Annual Support Agreement!

Call us today for more information!


Understanding Employee Theft

Click here for a quick one pager that describes Cressey's Fraud Triangle, the factors that must be present for theft to occur.