This Week with AdEL

Asociacion de Estudiantes Latinos

This upcoming Monday!

Our next program will be a collaboration with the David Project, a group that works with students to talk about and send them to Israel. This Monday we will be focusing on a minority subset of our already minority group- Jewish Latinos. Come to learn about and discuss this group, dance, listen to music, and eat delicious Spanish and Israeli food! You won't want to miss "The Sephardic Experience." Regular programming, Monday, 3/16, at 8pm in Room 217D.

We are AdEL

AdEL stands for “Asociación de Estudiantes Latinos”. We are the Latino umbrella organization on campus. We have various groups that are "under us" such as the dance group (Esencia Latina), Latino Greeks, and many more. Not exclusive to just Latinos, we invite everyone and anyone of any race, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Our mission is to enhance awareness of Latino issues and heritage in the Temple University community; to provide forum for Latino students; to advocate for issues that have a direct impact on the Latino student body specifically and the Temple community in general; to provide support and resources to the Latino campus community; to facilitate and promote communication among members, to sponsor activities and events that ensure AdEL`s purpose; and to collaborate with other organizations within and outside of Temple University.