Orange Waffle Day

celebrating orange waffles everywhere!

Orange Waffle Day is fast approaching!

Mark your calenders for April 21, the official date for orange waffle day!

Orange Waffle Day

Monday, April 21st, 12pm

Turnov, Czech Republic

Turnov, Liberec Region


12:00- ceremonial dying of the waffle

12:05-ceremonial cutting of the waffle

12:10-ceremonial eating of the waffle

12:30-ceremonial cleaning of the plate

1:00-the festivities begin!

1:30-waffle eating contest

2:00-waffle making contest

2:30-waffle dying contest

2:45-Waffles the Clown arrives

3:30-dance of the waffles

4:00-parade of waffles

5:00-Miss Waffle Queen Pageant starts

7:00-Miss Orange Queen Pageant starts

9:00-closing ceremonies