How to Strive In the 6th Grade...

Your special guide on how to be successful in the 6th grade!


Welcome to the sixth grade! Starting off, you will need to learn about the teachers. Some teachers can be strict, where as some can be very relaxed and chill. The Hickory Hills atmosphere is calm and collective. To be successful, you will need to be respectful to all of your teachers and to your fellow classmates. Sixth grade can be a fun year if you follow some simple rules, strategies, and lessons.

What is"MUCH," needed.

You will definitely need extra supplies for 6th grade. I seriously recommend getting a large amount of extra pencils for the school year. Mechanical pencils are a must to survive during the school year. I suggest to get extra sheets of notebook paper because if you don't, you could run out before the end of the school year. Also, if you do not need that much decorations for your locker. By the middle/end of the year, it can crowd up your locker and take up much needed space. Watch this video to learn some extra information about your locker.Also, if you like gum, BUY your own instead of asking people for theirs. I know this may seem harmless but, you never want to be THAT person who is ALWAYS asking for gum.

Hallway Behavior

Between classes you have 3 minutes to get from one class to the other. That is enough time to do several different things. You can talk to your friends in a whisper voice, not a yelling voice. You can go to your locker, and even go to the bathroom or water fountain. You should NEVER put your hands on someone else in the hallway. Fighting will lead to immediate trouble. Please, don't take these tips lightly!


Friendship is very important in the 6th grade. You need to make sure that you make new friends from the other schools. Don't be rude, obnoxious, or bratty. Do not under any circumstances judge a person or make fun of them! It can lead to a whole world of hurt and trouble.

Strike System

I know you may thing that this is something to not worry about, but the strike system is very important. If you get less than 10 strikes at the end of the year, you get to participate in some really fun extra games. A strike is a minor infraction that is not bad enough to be a referral. To stay clear of strikes, you needs to be ready,respectful,and responsible.