Learning Theories for Children Ages 5-12


The grown-ups say I'm growing tall

And that my clothes are growing small

Can clothes grow small?

I always think

That things grow big

Or else they shrink

But did they shrink

Or did they grow

Or did we both change?

I don't know.

Cognitive Development

  • Pre-Operational Stage: Language is an important factor. The child starts to ask "why" and "how". They focus on one thing at a time
  • Concrete Operational Stage: They can't be tricked if they literally see something. They understand classification. They also deal with the world they way they see it.

Moral Development

Stage 1- Preconventional Stage: Decisions are based off of moral decisions. They act on right and wrong, not why they did the action that occurred. They based decision off of fear not rational decisions. They also feel as others do.

Stage 2- Conventional Stage: The child tries to please others. Morals are now based off of what society thinks and feels. This child is concerned about what others think. Rules are absolute.

Stage 3- Postconventional Stage: The child gains his/her own individualism. The child thinks for himself. They understand the laws but only apply them when necessary. the child finds unity in himself. The child believes humans are they way they are because they are human.

Psychosocial Delevopment

Industry Vs Inferiority:

In school a child will be learning new skills. They will either be apart of the "Industry Kids" or the "Inferiority Kids." The "Industry Kids" learn the basic skills easily, while the "Inferiority Kids" usually are put in a low reading group and obtain poor grades.

Physical Development

Puberty changes- The child's personality begins to surface. They body will change to. They can be frightened if not warned.

Language Development

children learn language from hearing, reading, and seeing objects with labels.