Mission Statement Smore

By: HannahSmart

I Believe..

I Believe that if something seems too easy then you must being doing it wrong. I Believe that hard work, no matter what its cost, will reap rewards. I Believe everyone deserves a chance. I Belive in Stormy.

Vision/ Mission statement

I will graduate with both of my assosiate degrees and attend NC State. I will do whatever is necessary to succeed, no matter the consequence. I will make something of myself. I will not be just another face in the crowd. I will do everything in my power to be a good person and a roll model to all who meet me.

I will finish school with a 4.0 average or higher.

Stormy <3

I will continue riding horses throughout my highschool and college carrer and hopefully compete in various english styled events

Pillar - Frontline