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October 2, 2015

News from Plano Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

Wow, It is already October!

Fall is here and school is in full swing. We love working with your children and watching the growth they are showing us at school. We hope to see you at our October Parent Meeting and Student Social. We hope to have your support for our various fundraising projects that are happening this month. This month you have the opportunity to purchase a Keep Calm and Communicate shirt and participate in the RDSPD Garage Sale. We need donations and helpers on the big day, October 24. Contact Leslie Allen at 469 752-9340 for more information, to donate, to help, to purchase. The students are raising money for various trips.

October Parent Meeting & Student Social

Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 6:30pm

2701 Parkhaven Drive

Plano, TX

Join us for a parent panal. These parents have raised children who are deaf or hard of hearing into adulthood. Come hear their stories of their journy through struggles and successes.

Students K-12 will socialize in the cafeteria.

Babysitting will be provided for the younger children in the music room.

Dates to Know

October 12 - Plano ISD Parent Conference Day - no school for students

October 22 - Parent Meeting & Student Social

October 24 - Plano RDSPD Garage Sale @ Plano Senior High School

November 23 - 27 - Thanksgiving Holiday in Plano ISD

December 3 - Parent Meeting & Student Social

December 18 - Last day of school before Winter Break for PISD

January 5 - In Plano ISD Students return from Winter Break

February 20 - Spring Show

Click on the title above to go to the Plano RDSPD Events Calendar. Be in the know about our happenings and events.

T-Shirt Sales

Keep Calm and Communicate (Anyway you can)

We rolled out the orders for our Communicate T-Shirts at the parent meeting last night. We will be taking custom orders for the shirts through October 23. The tax free date for the sale is 10/22/15 which is the date of next month's parent meeting. Please go to the parent google site under fundraising to see all of your choices of type of shirt and colors and also the prices. Your purchase of shirts helps to support Plano RDSPD student activities.

Garage Sale

We will be having a Garage Sale on Saturday, October 24 in the parking lot at Plano Senior High School. The fundraiser helps support our various Plano RDSPD student activities. In the past our students have attended the NTID/RIT Middle School Math Competition, Guallaudet Academic Bowl, and Imagination Celebration. These activities offer great opportunities for our students for learning and socializing.
These activities require us to do fundraising to pay for the trips.

It's not to late to join Sign Class

Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 6pm

2701 Parkhaven Drive

Plano, TX

Signing Exact English Classes

Tuesday Evenings starting September 22 - November 17

from 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Childcare is available

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Thanks for sharing your book with us.

Gayle Ross a former Plano RDSPD parent and author shared her new book with our preschool and Kindergarten RDSPD students at Davis and Pearson.

Gayle is a single mom of a hearing impaired son, with Asperger’s. Any single parent or parent of a child with a disability will tell you numerous hours of hard work are required, beyond the norm, and the work is a family affair.

Brandon’s challenges inspired Gayle to create the Onyx Out Loud series. The Onyx Out Loud mission is to teach and encourage acceptance to all children. Gayle’s belief is that if children are introduced to people, with “unique” differences, the initial shock will not be there when they are pre-teens and teenagers. If the shock and awareness is eliminated, at such an “intense” age, then bullying will be eradicated. Perhaps the children reading the Onyx Out Loud series will be the first generation to accept all people with open arms,hearts, and minds. Onyx Out Loud:Off to School I Go! is available now and was given to each student in the Regional Day School for the Deaf Program in Pre-K and K, on the first day of school, from Gayle and Brandon. Onyx Out Loud: Rainbow People releases in November 2015 and may be pre-ordered by visiting:

If you would like a copy of Onyx Out Loud: Off to School I Go! visit the Amazon link:

Gayle will be a member of our parent panel on October 22. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences and answering your questions.

Be sure to click on the link above to go to our new Plano RDSPD Parent Google site. We are still getting it set up. Watch for information about our program, events, fundraising, links to addition information, and more. Please share with us how we can make the new site better meet your needs.

Helpful Links and Information


AG Bell -

PepNet - Transition

Texas Hands and Voices -

Children & Infant Listening Lab at UTD -

Navigate Life Texas -

Dallas Hearing Foundation -

CI Company Resources - many of the resources are also good for students without Cochlear Implants:

Cochlear’s HOPE Program -

Med El’s BRIDGE to Better Communication -

Advanced Bionics -

Hearing Aid Company Resources:

Phonak -

Oticon -

Language Development Resources -

A.G. Bell -

Too Small to Fail -

Vroom -

Read Talk Play -

Thirty Million Words: Building a Child's Brain - Dana Suskind

Social Media Contacts for Plano RDSPD

Please make contact with us

Facebook – Plano_RDSPD

Twitter - @Plano_RDSPD - # PlanoDeafEd

MyPISD (for parents of students enrolled in PISD) - Parent Portal Under Classroom - Plano Regional Day School for the Deaf Community Web

Plano RDSPD Parent Google Site -

Our New Plano RDSPD K-12 Website - - still under construction

Remind – text @rdspdp to 81010

Plano RDSPD Main Office – 469 752-5590

Main office phone number - 469 752-5590

Debbie Martin – Coordinator – 469 752-5583,

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