Water Use

How are Humans Abusing It?


Humans have been abusing water for many years. What they don't know, is that it comes at a heavy price. Our water use has been ruining the earth's water and affecting the ecosystem greatly. Species have been going extinct because of decreasing water sources, and our water reserves have been going dry.

How Humans Have Abused Water

  1. On average, In Australia, each person uses 80 gallons of water per day.
  2. As developments rise, the demand of water to fill the needs of the people in office spaces and homes, have become increasingly high.
  3. We have drawn too much water from aquifers, so streams and rivers have begun to run dry and impact wildlife.
Water: Use it - Don't Abuse It!

Water Abuse

Humans, especially Americans, have taken water for granted. This video shows how people in other countries live badly and get sick, because their sources of water go dry or are polluted. We use water as if it's never- ending, without realizing it. In this video, people in other countries are dying of dehydration, and we should consider this everyday when we start to overuse water.

Created By:

Ava Korinke and Daphne Michaud