Roger Williams: Exiled

An Autobiography


"Such a great and inspiring story, similar to my own! I also was banished for my beliefs and sent away with my family. Starting a colony with religious freedom is very admirable and I support him 100%. This is definitely a must read." -Anne Hutchinson

"Roger Williams is a very brave man. My only fear is that without the support of a fully christian community then worshipers will not live up to the true potential of their lives. Very well written, however if you are a strong puritan you may disagree with some of his values and beliefs." -John Winthrop

"This book is written expertly, and I also agree that the church should not have total control of the government, and I kept that in mid while I founded my colony. I definitely recommend reading this." -Thomas Hooker

"I believe that Williams may be misguided in his beliefs. My colony was very religious and we did not separate church ans state, and yet I served as governor 30 times and thought it to be very successful. I do however find his story interesting and would recommend reading." -William Bradford