Shush webisode release-Virtual Sand

Plus, Family Fun at Twin Cities Film Festival

After walking straight into a virtual reality trap, Trowel the cat ends up in a world of sand and ancient traditions that nearly costs her all nine lives

Alert! Alert! Today and Tomorrow: Twin Cities Film Festival Family Free Day

Today (October 20 at 9:45 AM) youth can watch family-friendly films and meet the filmmakers

Tomorrow (October 21 from 9 AM to 4 PM) create short films!

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A suspicious telemarketer ad sends Samantha Shovel and crew to Alexander Axton's mansion where a mysterious door lures the team into danger.

Shush! is an original series written and performed by students in grades 5, 6 and 7 and filmed by high school students while working with professional cinematographer David McClellen and writing mentor Cassidy Hall. An ongoing experience, the Shush Team provides an exciting experience working on a filming set and learning every step of taking their creative project from start to finish! Want to be involved? Email

In the beginning, was a four episode radio play

Shush! began as a four episode series sponsored by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts through the Big Read in the St. Croix Valley. Inspired by THE MALTESE FALCON by Dashiell Hammett, the Shire's middle school Audio Drama Team wrote the script, created the theme music, and performed the roles of this original production.

Don't Whine Over Missing Robots

  • Episode 1: Samantha Shovel, Trowel and friends attempt to determine what happened to a vitally important human-hybrid robot named R0-MAN.
  • Episode 2: Where can R0-MAN be? Sam, Trowel and friends go on a wild search.
  • Episode 3: Sam, Trowel and friends follow R0-MANS's fluid trail into great danger.
  • Episode 4: The fate of all human-hybrid robots depends on saving R0-MAN. Will Sam, Trowel and friends succeed?

Big picture

Then, we transitioned to an audio-video hybrid as we went LIVE at the Phipps

The first four episodes of HUSH were taped on camera, and then stripped for audio. It was a practical (re: FREE!) opportunity for recording, and in the process, the students fell in love with film. They decided to continue the adventures of Samantha Shovel, her sidekick Peter Pitchfork, evil Alexander Axton, Fearless Frank Foreman and Trowel the cat who wants to be a dog in this audio-video concoction.

Next up: VIDEO!!!

Having fallen in love with film, the students decided to transform to a webisode series. The clip below is a short edit drawing together some of the video clips to give you a taste of what's to come.

Welcome Shush! The Webisode

Who wins the battle of the sticks?!

An interview between HUSH Jr and Shush that ended in a battle of the sticks! You won't want to miss this fun exchange between these creative - and opinionated! - middle schoolers :)

Click HERE to listen into this special episode of Voices in the Valley.

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