Falcon Ridge Family Updates

November 28, 2022

News and Tidbits

Hello Families,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with your loved ones. We are anticipating a productive three weeks of school before enjoying Christmas break. Please remember to send warm outerwear for recess and Fit Club.

Here is an important reminder from Mrs. Campbell: If you have children in K-6, please return their Wahooz paper to their teachers by Friday December 2nd.

Our theme this year is Keep on Truckin'. Our character development will focus on a growth mindset. This month's character trait is gratitude. Be sure and ask your student if he/she has earned a Falcon Card.

We are glad you have chosen Falcon Ridge Charter School as your school of choice. We are honored to partner with you in your child's education.


Dr. Jorgensen

thanks to our amazing lunch ladies for this thanksgiving feast!

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Happy belated birthday mrs. Bowser! (11/17)

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Happy Belated Birthday Mrs. Robinson! (11/26)

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Happy Birthday Mrs. Wierschem! (12/2)

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Mrs. Mushlitz's Class Dress-Up Day

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attendance policy


Parents are expected to call the school office prior to 9:00 am to report the reason for their child’s absence.

At Falcon Ridge Public Charter School, regular attendance and punctuality are a vital part of a student’s education. Teachers implement a high level of direct teaching and interactive learning and both students and teachers are held accountable to complete a set of standards and benchmarks. These teaching techniques do not allow students to simply make up concepts missed. Additionally, FRPCS’ mission is to develop students who will become exceptional employees and incorporate a school-to-work emphasis in all we do. As attendance and punctuality are essential qualifications for individuals in the workforce, they will be for those who attend Falcon Ridge. In accordance with our charter, Falcon Ridge Public Charter School has a 96% attendance standard. Every effort and commitment should be made by students, parents and administration to ensure that students are in attendance and punctual every day. A school calendar is provided well in advance to allow families to schedule activities during breaks. Students are expected to attend classes regularly.

Tardy Policy

Students are considered tardy if they are not in the school building at the time school commences at the beginning of the day as established by the school calendar. All students arriving late must be signed in at the office to ensure accurate records and lunch counts. Students leaving and returning during the school day must be signed in and out by an adult. Each time a student accrues (3) unexcused tardies, the student will also be treated as having 1 unexcused absence.

Examples of an unexcused tardy include, overslept, late walking to school, missed school bus, parent running late, etc. Students will not be considered tardy in the event of bad weather, if buses are running late, etc.

Students will not be considered tardy in the event of bad weather, if buses are running late, etc.

Excused Absences

The Administration and Governing Board recognize that there are special circumstances when a student may need to participate in another event or activity rather than attend class. An absence will be considered “excused” if a parent/guardian provides a written or verbal notification for the following reasons:

∙ the student could not attend class because he/she is ill

∙ a physician’s documentation of illness

∙ medical, dental, orthodontic appointments with a verifying note from the medical office

∙ bereavement for a death in the family

∙ wedding for a member of the family

∙ an immediate family member involved in State Tournament competition, 4-H competition, or graduation exercise at the high school, college, and military level.

∙ extraordinary circumstances (requires a review and approval of FRPCS administrator.)

Family trips or vacations are NOT considered extraordinary and are unexcused. The cumulative effect of regular class attendance is critical to the learning experience that Falcon Ridge Charter School offers, which the student misses even when the absence is excused.

Unexcused Absences

Student absence for any reason not specifically listed in the excused absence section will be considered unexcused. Absences (for any reason) not verified by verbal or written communication from the parent/guardian (within 48 hours of student’s return to school) will be considered unexcused.

Consequences for Excessive Absences

Students who accrue five (5) or more full-day unexcused absences or nine (9) full-day excused and unexcused combined absences in a semester may lose their seat. After the eighth (8th) full-day absence, the student and parent/guardian will be required to meet before the school board. After the ninth (9th) full-day absence in one semester, a note from parents is not sufficient. Written notification from a medical person, legal staff, or other pertinent persons of authority approved by the administrator verifying the student’s reason for missing school must be obtained by the parent/guardian. If the student does not have that documentation, the student will be withdrawn by the Administrator of Falcon Ridge Public Charter School and cannot apply for enrollment for 12 months. Administration reserves the right to extend this policy, after parent consultation, in extenuating circumstances. Parents have the right to appeal this decision to the Falcon Ridge School Board.

Average Daily Attendance

YTD: 95.93%

K - 90.00%

1st - 93.45%

2nd - 95.17%

3rd - 91.38%

4th - 93.33%

5th - 96.97%

6th - 93.33%

7th - 95.15%

8th - 90.33%

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Electronic Devices

Our goal is to provide an academic environment free of distractions being conducive to learning and a social environment that supports the development of kind and respectful relationships. Use of any electronic devices such as cell phones must be turned off and in your backpack at all times. Any student using their phone or any electronic device other than before or after school will have them confiscated. If a student needs to contact a parent, he or she should come to the office. Conversely, if a parent needs to contact a student, he or she should contact the office.
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PTO News!

Parents, the PTO shares information and events on their PTO Facebook page. The group is called "Falcon Ridge PTO & Parents" and should be accessible via this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/319697921566543/.

Resources for Parents

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Study Skills: The Importance of Sleep for Memory and Focus
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Good Manners for Kids to Have

  • Saying “thank you” after something is received, given or exchanged.
  • Using the word “please” when you’re asking for help or would like to receive something you want or need.
  • Looking people in the eye when you greet them or if they’re talking to you. (Once toddlers master please and thank you, then begin working on eye-contact.)
  • Greeting others with “hello” or “goodbye” as well as responding to someone when they greet you.
  • Saying “I’m sorry” or “excuse me.”
  • Holding the door open for others.
  • Not speaking over others, but waiting until it’s their turn to talk.
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Important Events

12/2 - Dorian Picture Retakes

12/7 - STEM Club @ 3:00p.m.

12/9 - Lottery Opens for New Students

12/13 - School Board Meeting @ 6:30p.m.

12/14 - STEM Club @ 3:00p.m.

12/16 - Middle School Choir Concert @ 2:15p.m.

12/18-1/2 Christmas Break


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STEM Club Dates

November 16th

December 7th

December 14th

January 4th

January 18th

February 1st

February 15th

March 1st

March 15th

April 5th

April 19th

Student Dress Code

In an effort to provide a safe and orderly school environment for your children, we will expect the following dress guidelines followed by the students of Falcon Ridge Public Charter School. Our focus at Falcon Ridge Public Charter School is to create an educational atmosphere with the fewest disruptions.

1. Gang attire of any kind is strictly prohibited, ie. Garments that are suggestive or garments that advertise illegal substances or obscene statements are not allowed.

2. Brief garments such as halter tops, bare midriffs, tube tops, net tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, and plunging necklines (front or back) are not appropriate. All shirts must be wider than three adult fingers on the shoulder. Shorts and skirts shorter than fingertip length are inappropriate.

3. Pajamas or slippers of any kind are strictly prohibited.

4. Makeup (lipstick, rouge, blush, eye makeup) are not allowed at Falcon Ridge Public Charter School. Blemish correction and clear lip gloss are acceptable.

5. Hair color will be within the natural color spectrum (brown, black, blonde or auburn.)

6. No pierced jewelry, other than in the ears, will be permitted.

7. Students will wear or change into athletic shoes for P.E.

8. No hats indoors except for special spirit days.