Mother Teresa

By: Riley Ennenbach, Nina Jacobs, Allison McCurry

All About Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa a strong and independent woman was born in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia in Europe. It is surrounded by Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. On August 27, 1910 Mother Teresa was born. Five children were also born to Nikola and Dronda Bojaxhiu, yet only three survived. She was the youngest, with an older sister, Aga, and brother, Lazar. This brother describes the family's early years as "well-off," not the life of peasants reported inaccurately by some. "We lacked for nothing." In fact, the family lived in one of the two houses they owned.

Mother Teresa spoke out against divorce and abortion. She was baptized on August 27, 1910. She received first communion at the age five and a half. She was confirmed on November 1916 (6 years old). She is not canonized yet. Her feast day is on September 5. One impressive thing about Mother Teresa is that she won the Nobel Peace Prize on December 1979. She was a person who devoted her time to helping the sick and the poor. People can benefit from her experience by going out to helping the sick and the poor. You can donate to charities that help out in India. You can also go for yourself and experience what Mother Teresa did there. She founded the Missionaries of Charity Brothers, Missionaries of Charity Contemplative Sisters, Missionaries of Charity Contemplative Brothers, and Missionaries of Charity Fathers. All of these Missionaries that she found was to get everyone to help the poor and the sick.

Mother Teresa did a lot of work, but the number one thing she did was follow Jesus and do things that Jesus would do. Mother Teresa’s work was so important because she was telling people right from wrong and teaching things that Jesus would've taught. Mother Teresa dedicated her life to the poor and helped them out tremendously. She also taught Mary high school for girls, she taught geography and history. After time, she became the schools principle. She is not a saint yet, but will be someday, but for right now she is considered a nun. She does have a feast day, because she is so important to the church. Another reason why is so important, is because she was so inspiring by being independent. Not only just young girls look up to her, but also everybody. One thing that is very special about Mother Teresa is that she had a lot of missionaries, some of them were called Missionaries of Brothers was the service of the poor.

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