Don't Give Up on Working Out

No Matter What Your Age

Achy Breaky Joints

Get a group of seniors together like the folks on this walk in Boston and someone is bound to start complaining about their aches and pains. This is perfectly normal when we began to realize we can't do everything we used to do. When those complaints start coming from you, try this quick test to check out the "real age" of your joints.

Lifting is Never Out of Date

Some seniors can't even imagine lifting weights as part of their exercise program - if they have an exercise program. Yet lifting doesn't always have to evoke the 'muscleman' image that many identify with weights. There are strength training programs designed for older folks that will ease them into the benefits of lifting - gaining strength without injuring themselves in the process.

How To Get Started

If you are new to weight training you want to be sure to learn the correct moves . Here are some tips to help you get started without worrying about getting hurt in the process.