Top 12

Most important things to remember while messaging

#12: Do not forget to use proper grammar and proofread your message. Also,

#11: Remember to not send any offensive material, because

#10: Whatever goes online, stays online.

#9: When typing a persuasive message, be sure to use the "you" phrasing as opposed to the "I".

#8: Be careful what you post or message, as this may lead to missed job opportunities, among other things.

#7: Viruses can enter your computer without you knowing.

#6: A virus is a program that attaches to files, then multiplies after reeking havoc on your computer. Note that

#5: Malware can be sent via email or even an ad that you click on, so think before you click.

#4: Some malware can allow others to control your computer, and see what you have been typing.

#3: Others will either destroy your files, or copy them to somebody else's computer.

#2: There are, in fact, cyber criminals that will impersonate people whom you trust. Therefore, and this is important,

#1: Whatever you do, do not EVER give somebody else your password!