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What Our Lions are Learning

6th Grade

Our Swann sixth graders are learning about Ancient Greece in Social Studies and exploring earth science in Science. They are reading adventure texts in ELA. In Math, they are practicing expressions and equations, and students in AIMM are learning about proportional relationships and percentages.

7th Grade

Our Swann seventh graders are learning about WWII in Social Studies and genetics in Science. They are reading mystery texts in ELA and practicing expressions, equations, and inequalities in Math.

8th Grade

Our Swann eighth graders are learning about the roaring 20s and Harlem Renaissance in Social Studies and microbiology in Science. They are reading science fiction texts in ELA and exploring association and data in Math.

Be sure to ask your Swann Lion to tell you more about what they are doing in their classes!

Decades Spirit Week at Swann

Last week, Swann Lions dressed the decades! We had a groovy 70s Monday, a totally tublular 80s Tuesday, a fly 90s Wednesday, a sweet 00s Thursday, and a Swann wear Friday.

Classroom Spotlight

Ms. Smith's eighth graders practiced their vocabulary words and got some exercise at the same time during their vocabulary relay review. Students from each team had to race to the ball to win the chance to correctly answer a vocabulary question. Their words were from a list of the 212 words most commonly seen on standardized test across the country. If you'd like to explore the word list, visit Word Up by Flocabulary:

Noticias de Spanish Immersion

Ms. Zegarra's scientists are studying macromolecules. They made fortune teller foldables to review the characteristics of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. Then they formed two lines and shared information back and forth.

Encore Corner

Meet Our Staff

Ms. Daniel's teaches 7th grade science and coaches the Swann girls' basketball team. She attended Peace University and Wake Tech and has a degree in Biology. She likes to relax at the beach, read informational and motivational books, watch Law and Order: SVU, and play basketball. Her favorite thing to do is travel and she would love to scuba dive in Egypt one day.

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