Georgia O'Keeffe

Sabrina Kraus


Born November 15, 1887, Georgia O'Keeffe was born on a farm near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin as the second of seven children. Studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, she was taught the ins and outs of traditional painting until coming across her new mentor, Arthur Wesley Dow, who introduced the idea of abstract art to O'Keeffe.


Though she started off learning traditional painting, Georgia O'Keeffe was well known for her abstract art and introducing modern art to the United States. She was recognized as America's most important artist in the 1920's. Her works usually depicted a variety of flowers, New York skyscrapers, and eventually desert terrain which she grew attached to upon a visit to New Mexico. Georgia O'Keeffe loved the scene so much that she made herself a permenant residence in the state three years after the death of her husband, and famous photographer, Alfred Stieglitz. O'Keeffe also made it a point to paint different kinds of landscapes, such as those from the mountains of Peru and Japan's Mount Fuji.