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November 7, 2019

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Our weeklies will be emailed and posted on our web page most Thursdays in the evening. The newest points of interest will appear at the top along with a review of the previous week and things to look forward to for the next week. We include links to our Warwick Parent/Guardian Handbook and a page where we curate previously publicized flyers for easy referral. If you have ideas on how to improve our Warwick Weekly as a means of communication, "we want to hear from you." Please use the online feedback form that can be found at the end of each Weekly to share your ideas, thoughts, and concerns with us.
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Here is What Happened this Week!

  • We had a Kindness Club meeting on Monday and a Peer Mentor Meeting today after school.
  • Teachers had professional development on Tuesday while students had off from school.
  • We had Outdoor Classroom Day today--it was awesome!
  • Students and staff did a Warwick Excellent job during our ALICE Evacuation and Rally Point Drill.
  • 5th & 6th Graders had an Advocacy Assembly today. Dr. Leatherbarrow gathered 5th and 6th graders around and discussed how harmful bullying and unkind words and actions can be. We agreed that we do not want those things at Warwick but sometimes it is difficult to know what to do when we hear them or see them. We learned that every day we teach people how we want to be treated. We discovered that there are many more kind Warwick students than those who are unkind. We learned that to advocate is to stand up for someone, ourselves or others, and that there are many ways to "find your voice" in advocacy. As a first advocacy in action activity, each student will create a decorated positive peace reminder to be placed where students feel we most need the reminder. Finally, Dr. Leatherbarrow shared that soon 5th and 6th grades will work together to write a "Full Value Contract"--something that 6th grade is familiar with from their time at Camp Adventure. From the voices of our students, the FVC will remind us to fully value each and everyONE at Warwick, each and every day.
  • Don't forget, Young Engineers is tonight at East at 6 PM.

What's Happening Next?

  • The PTO sponsored K.I.S.S. (Kids Invite Someone Special) Glow Party is tomorrow night!
  • Our Veteran's Day Assemblies are on Monday, November 11. We thank all Veterans and Active Service Men and Women for their service to our country. We ask everyone to wear Red, White, and Blue to show their appreciation.
  • Our PTO sponsored Book Fair starts on Monday, November 11 and goes through the week. Our Night Book Fair is on Wednesday, November 13 from 6 - 8 PM. Parents should park in the large parking lot off Meetinghouse Road and come in the side door.
  • Celebrate Education visitations start on November 12. Please check the schedule emailed to all Warwick parents and guardians.
  • Title One Parent Night is on Thursday, November 14th at 6:30 PM. Invited parents and guardians should park in the large parking lot off Meetinghouse Road and come in the side door.
Warwick's 2019-2020 Web Calendar

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Congratulations to our October Boomerang Nominees!

The following students were recognized for being models of Asset #18-Involvement in Youth Programs!

Kindergarten, Zaira K. Gr. 1, Noah B, Ryan B, Maya D, Rylee E, Miles J, Anabelle P, Julie R, Lily Z.

Gr. 2, Andrew S. Gr. 3, Matt E, Trevor J. Gr. 4, Cameron Y. Gr 5, Shreyan K, David T, Abby W. Gr. 6, Madalyn A, Robert B, Aaryan, K, Nathan W.

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Welcome, Mrs. Liczbinski!

Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Bridget Liczbinski to Warwick Elementary School. Mrs. Liczbinski joins our Warwick Family as a Special Education Personal Care Assistant. She has been a stay at home mom for the past eleven years and loves spending time with her family. Her favorite subject is Reading and her favorite book is The Book with No Pictures by B. J. Novak (in fact, she loves to read this book with her family!).

Warwick November Library News

Celebrate Education!

We are celebrating education during the weeks of November 11 - November 22! Please look for an email to parents/guardians explaining the dates and times when each grade is having visitation. The purpose of visitation is to give parents a chance to see learning in action. This year, many classes will highlight Math in Focus--our newly adopted mathematics program. Only parents/guardians of currently enrolled Warwick students are welcome to attend visitations. All parents/guardians need to have their PA Photo/License with them to be admitted to the building. See the procedures for School Visits and Security below.

School Visits & Security

As noted in our Warwick Welcome Parent Handbook, to protect our students and staff while school is in session, all exterior doors are locked during the school day. Parents, guardians, and all visitors during the school day must enter the school using the Main Entrance. Please have a valid state-issued photo identification card with you (e.g., PA License). You will use the buzzer at the exterior of our Main Entrance to state your reason for the visit and show your ID. Once inside the vestibule, you will again need to be buzzed in. Once in the Main Office, the School Gate Guardian system will be used to clear you using your License. Once cleared, you will receive a visitor's sticker stating your name, time, and destination. Visitors must wear this sticker at all times and return it to the Main Office when you sign out to leave Warwick. This procedure is necessary for all visitors, even those that frequently visit and volunteer. Volunteers still need to be cleared through School Gate Guardian each time they come to school. We appreciate your support and patience.

Holiday Shoebox Giving Project

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Thanksgiving Lunch on November 19

Aramark is offering a Thanksgiving day meal at all Elementary Schools on Tuesday, November 19th. The meal consists of Turkey and Gravy, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Cornbread and a Pumpkin Parfait. For every Thanksgiving meal sold to students and faculty on this day, Aramark will be donating 10 cents worth of groceries to the Doylestown Food Pantry.

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