Winter Holidays Around the World!

Multi 1-2 STWEAM Students Research!

The Multi 1-2 Students Research Traditions From Many Different Cultures Around The World

Last year hahahaha During STWEAM...

During the month of December the Multi 1-2 students were split up into 15 small groups. Each group was assigned a country and given a research packet. Inside the packet were booklets describing how each country or culture celebrates winter holidays. The groups learned about some of the foods, crafts, and traditions which go along with the celebrations. Each group member took notes and recorded in writing what they thought was the most interesting new fact they had learned. After the fact finding and note taking expedition, the groups discussed, designed and created a poster to share their knowledge, which they shared with the entire group. Check out the results below!!!!! WOW WEE!!!!! Well Done!!!!

WES Multi 1-2

Multi 1-2 Content Teachers:

Michele Langelier and Mary Beth Clason

Wells Elementary School