BIE Institute

Three 3-Day Workshops Limited to 35 participants

The MCSD will be hosting the BIE 3 Day Workshop - July 19-21, 2016

Tuesday, July 19th, 8am

David L. Anderson Middle School, 7000 SE Atlantic Ridge Drive Stuart, FL 34997

As you may know, the BIE Institute is the clearinghouse of problem/project-based learning. Typically, their PBL 101 workshops are offered Napa Valley where there main offices are located. We are fortunate to bring them to us for teacher teams committed to implementing this high-effect method of teaching and learning.

Each of the two, 3-day workshops has a 35 participant capacity. If you would like to be included in this opportunity, please submit an intentional plan regarding how a teacher team (grade or dept.) will prospectively implement the teaching methodology at your site. The plan should include reference to the following:

(1)funding to pay for follow-up coaching day(s) provided by the BIE Institute

(2) methods for teacher support

(3)monitoring for fidelity of implementation

(4) how you will evaluate the process for effectiveness at your site

(5) methods for gathering student and teacher input/feedback throughout the year

(6) how you will facilitate exposure and learning to other staff members as the process is implemented.

Any school that plans on sending willing teachers should also commit to having the principal and one other administrator attend the workshop to build capacity.

You may submit the plan by email to me at your earliest convenience. I will keep you apprised of registration capacity as action plans are submitted. Click on the link for more information about the BIE:

BIE's 25th Anniversary Video

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