Literature is my Utopia

“Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.”

What is Media Literature?

I believe that media literature it where we use the media such as the internet, television, magazines, newspapers, and other forms where we read and inform us on what is happening in the world, pop culture, and other current events. Media literature is found everywhere when you go shopping, when you flipping through the channels, and when you roaming around the internet. It is used to catch people’s attention but sometimes most of the articles can be deceiving. Most of these are used so that those who wrote them can express their own opinions with true fact creating wrong information. You see this every day when you’re waiting in line to pay you groceries you will see these magazines with huge stories but in reality it is just being used to catch people’s attention and to be able to sell these. Even the news does this not everything on the news is true. Media literature is found everywhere and these cause major problems but now and days they can be very deceiving. Media literature to me is something to have people wondering and keeping their hopes high on misused information that has caught their information. I know that now a days that is what and how we get our news because we spend so much time on the internet and watching television. I think that to be media literature is to have information and add their own opinions into this to make it eye catching and publish where ever people can read it. That is what I believe media literature is.

Social Media Reflection

Throughout this unit I believe that it was an interesting topic mainly because as a generation social media plays a huge part in our lives. We live off of it, as teens we tend to get much of our information of social media. This unit was really interesting to be able to seeing how worldwide problems have had such a flush through social media. When we talked about how people post photos of how they care about the situation but in reality they really aren’t doing anything to help fix the situation. This unit has helped me realize situations that I’ve never realized before and how people really aren’t doing anything to help these situations. I also enjoyed watching and learning about how Facebook was created all through the process. I really enjoyed this unit and learning so much from it too. Also writing the paper was pretty fun even though I had a rough time trying to figure out a topic on how it was impacted by social media and what role it had with it. I was finally able to come up with a topic but I had fun researching and learning how much social media plays an important role on getting people to help realize how animal poaching is a major problem than most people don’t really seem to believe. I was able to research and find so many facts on how it has affected people, counties, and how much of an impact it is going to affect the future. My overall final essay turned out pretty good I was able to find so much how it has been affected through social media. It was also, really interesting finding out how much social media has grown over time, and how it has progressing more and more over time, from going up to someone to meeting them to where now we just go on our social media pages and go talk and meet random people. It is amazing to see how far social media has come to and just wondering what social media has to offer in the future.

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Super Bowl Ad

Mtn Dew, in its 2016 Super Bowl commercial, created this awesome creature (puppy, monkey and a baby) to show that their drink has three awesome flavors. Mtn Dew starts off with three guys sitting on the couch on a boring night “…I think I might chill here”, then this combination of a puppy, monkey, and baby comes out holding a bucket with Mtn Dew Kickstart drink, and starts dancing and the guys grab a drink and start dancing with the puppy, monkey, baby and finally gives the three awesome things combined in the drink with are dew, juice, and caffeine combined in one amazing drink. Mtn Dew’s

Mtn Dew Kickstart: Puppymonkeybaby | Super Bowl Spot

We Are A Nation of Paroles!

The way that this passage relates to today’s society because as we get older we are expected to meet society’s standards and with that aside also meet up with our parents standards too at the same time. I know that my parents can relate to this and so can I; both my mom and dad grew up in poor living conditions they were expected to grow up with an education but yet at the same time help out with living cost. My parents grew up telling me all my life to work hard to get an education and get somewhere in life and now that I’m old enough to understand how as we get older life for us is just beginning. Today in society, we are expected to live this where we grow up, go to work, get married, and eventually die but not everyone can meet the standards that society has for us and once we do were judge for doing so. Today In day many things contribute in controlling society, in movies, television, sports, media, and many other thing contribute in “controlling” society. They keep us from knowing what the truth is, for example when as teenagers we get entertained with stupid little viral videos or stupid pictures. These little things soon become a trend and then everyone is talking about it the next day; these things get in our way from knowing what’s happening in the world. Even celebrities’ causes us to become distracted with all these problems and situations that they’re going through and we as human being just follow and get entertained with it. We let these little small thing take control of us from not being able to know what really is happening in the real world. This is what make us look like as if we are proles. These are the thing that make us look like we aren’t smart enough to know what actually going on in our government, what problems we are facing as a nation, or whether or not something devastating is going on. Things like these in social media are what causes us to become so distracted; we focus on really pointless things. For example, I was at work and all you see when you’re about to check out is all these magazines talking about these celebrities becoming divorced, the bachelor, and other tabloids that are probably just full of lies. This is just an example of how social media tends to capture people attention, and it’s also the same with television; one minute you’re watching the news and the next thing you’re watching some gossip show that is probably not as informative as the news was. This shows how as human being we become so entertain with this stupid little stories that aren’t really important. This all relates to the passage how we have these standards to grow, get a job, and eventually die, but at the same time we have all these distractions getting in our way.

You Say You Want A Revolution...

Over the year many countries have had many people have risen up to rebel in something they do not like or agree with, leading to revolutions and war between countries and other citizens. A rebellion that has happened in the United States is the Boston Tea Party. This rebellion was one of “the most dramatic (and most illegal) act” known to happen in the North American colonies ("Boston Tea Party."). This rebellion was organized by the sons of liberty, to get protest against the British Tea Act of 1773. The Act was created by the, Parliament to assign a “special monopoly trading status to the British East India Company in an attempt to bolster the company's failing finances” ("Boston Tea Party."). This caused the patriots (citizens) to become irritated due to the fact that they were having to pay a tax on tea. “The patriots interpreted those actions as infringing on their right to legislate and tax themselves” ("Boston Tea Party."). Many of the patriots were annoyed due to the Tea Act and many of the merchants refused to accept any of the tea due to the high tax placed on it. Many of the patriots had enough of the British and the Tea Act. “On the evening of December 16, 1773, 150 patriots had disguised themselves up as Native Americans” ("Boston Tea Party."). The dumped 342 chests (90,000 lbs.) of tea into the water, it was worth £10,000. Because of this uprising this lead to the anit-British protest. This uprising has caused and inspired many other people to take action back then and currently. We have had many protest towards the government, civilians, and even companies. Today we have had protests involving gay rights, black lives, abortion rights, and many more going on in the world currently and in the future. Also just like in our society even uprising in 1984 have happened. The fact that Winston is up and against the whole big brother idea; he and others are taking a stand to earn their own freedom.

"Boston Tea Party." American History. ABC-CLIO, 2016. Web. 14 Apr. 2016.

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Throughout the class we have learned many valuable skills that we can use in the really world. We started the semester learning about how media literacy has affected our nation. I really think that now that our semester is ending, everything that we have talked and learned in class has some time of media that we can relate it with. I feel that is has helped me learned and view social media very differently and also very manipulating. We focus on stupid little trends, when we should be learning and focusing on the problems our nation is facing. I’ve learned many new things throughout the course. I enjoyed reading 1984, and we were able to relate it to much of our society and even future generations. I also enjoyed learning in depth on media literacy. Another thing I really enjoyed learning was annotating the articles that we read during class cause it help me out on being able to get a better understand of the article. Also, writing precis helped get the main points of what the article was about and learning more and how to write one was a fun experience. This class was very different from many of other class because it involved a ton of expressing your own opinions. In this class we didn’t take any test just like in my previous classes or write a lot of essays. I feel that this language arts class was more open and involved a lot of our own thoughts and lots of reflections. I feel that the only way to make this class better is to have more Socratic seminars because I feel that through those people were able to look up information about the topic and be able to express their own beliefs. Even though I didn’t talk through the one we had, I really enjoyed being able to hear what other peoples ideas.

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity

In the video it explain society today, on how we are always on our phone and how we don’t go out and enjoy nature. I feel that it is really sad to see how much our generation has come with technology and how it has impacted us socially. This is only just getting more and more advance; we need to take action and stop it from getting bigger. We need to go out and enjoy life, go out and hang with friends go to the park and met new people, as humans we need to take advantage. These are just some of the way to help us get off our phones and stop tweeting and go out and have fun. Social media is like a drug, people are hooked on it 24/7; most of the things we post aren’t even about the problems and situations that our nation is facing. As human we choose to post mean comments to one another, stupid videos, or unreliable things that doesn’t inform us about anything. We can simple handle this be turning our phones, computers, or tablets off and go out and make an impact to our nation. Just like what Prince Ea. says in his video, we may have many friends on our Facebook, but in reality we might not have any friends. Since we are so hooked on social media, we don’t always have to use it in such a negative way we can use it for good. Post information that we can help other people take action or informed on what is going on in our nation. We don’t have to follow the crowd we are independent we have choice, like what Prince Ea. We can be different, we have the choice to turn everything off and meet new people.