Technology Bytes

December Edition

ES Media Center Xerox

Please remember that this Xerox machine is located in a classroom. If you have students print to the media center, we would prefer that the classroom teacher pick up the printing. Please DO NOT send students down to the library one at a time to pick up the printing. They are loud when they enter the classroom and can't find their documents without help due to all the other people printing to the media center. The adults in the room are teaching and helping the current class in the media center and cannot help at the printer. Thank you.


All resources need to be checked out through Google calendar. If your name is not on the calendar for the resource, you do NOT take the resource. The technology team needs to know where our equipment is if we need to locate a laptop, iPad or cart. All carts are to be returned to their storage space at the end of each day!

Remember to build in time for clean up into your lesson plan when using technology. We are finding laptops that are still on, not plugged in, and, in some cases, a student's document is still up and running. Children should be quitting all apps and shutting down the laptops.

Check to make sure all devices are plugged in before closing and locking the cart. It is very inconvenient and frustrating for the next person using the cart when half the cart hasn't been charging.

Students are NEVER EVER to be returning carts to their storage spaces, especially unsupervised!

Let's all be respectful of each other and the equipment. Thanks!

Changing Your Username and Password on Learning A-Z

NOTE: Changing your user name will change the name students search for when using Raz-Kids. For example, my original username was kcahill7. When I changed it to MissCahill, students could no longer search for my kcahill7 account.

Want a password and/or username that is easier to remember on Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids? Follow these directions.

ES Building iPads Update

I have added a few new apps to the building cart. The full list of apps can be found here. The new apps are in Reading: Sight Word Ninja, Sight Words by Little Spellers, Sight Words Kids Learn, and Raz-Kids. In Science, I've added Classify It! and Daisy the Dinosaur. In Math, I've added Teachley Addimal Adventure and Tiggly Chef. Both math apps focus on addition concepts.

IS iPad Apps

If you are looking for a list of apps that are currently on the IS building cart, you can find that list here.

Math Charts iPad App

Take a look at this iPad app called Math Charts, and let me know if anyone would like me to add it to the building iPad cart. I don't want to add it if it won't be used, but I thought if you were ever looking for a way to help explain math concepts it would be helpful. Those of you who have classroom iPads might want to add it to your iPads.

Technology Spotlight

Mrs. Lesser's and Mrs. DiMaggio's classes teamed up to create a presentation using iPad apps to explain the important non-fiction text features. Students used Skitch to annotate the non-fiction images which they saved to the camera roll. Then they imported the pictures into an app called 30hands. This app allows students to add voice recordings to the images. They named the non-fiction feature (glossary, diagram, etc.), what it is used for, and why it is helpful. They then saved the file to the camera roll. Where we imported the files as mini-movies that we imported into iPhoto on the teachers laptops. Here is an example of the student work.
Non-fiction Text Features