Black Death

By:Erika Eberhart

The Black Death .

In the Black death , their was not many to survive . it was started it eastern Asia and spread through traid routes down in Europe. it ws time framed between 1347 to 1351 , and it was the worst time ever . it mostly and always came from rats that had fleas , that carried diseases . It also swept quickly through most of Europe . their was several different types of plague . killed millions and 1000's of villages were abandoned . Also the manor system fell apart completly . which caused he government to crash .

Questions and answers .

1- What is the Black Death ? The Black Death , was a deadly disease that spread through most of Europe , and ALL of eastern Asia . 2- What are some symptoms of the Black Death ? Death in less than 24 to 42 hours , pain , bubonic , smelly skin , black tongue , infected health , smell , swell . 3- How did it spread ? It mostly spread by rats that carried fleas with diseases and they would run by trade posts and get in your house and effect you in the wrong way . 4- What did it do ? It killed millions , and made them abandoned 1000's of good villages , and also , it ruined the manor system completly . 5- who all did it effect ? it affected almost everyone and it killed millions and made them abandon 1000's of villages . 6- what were some treatments ? they would use leeches to suck out bad blood from their bodies they would use unions to suck up the germs in the air . 7- where did it origonally come from ? it origonally came from eastern Asia , and spread from there .

Would this ever effect us Today ?

Most likley no because , we have medicanes and more technoloy .

What were and when ?

this was a disease , that was known as The Black Death .        It came from Eastern Asia and spread to Eurpe .                           It was between the time span 1347 to 1351 .