Growth of Japanese Culture

Japanese Forms of Buddhism By:Amanda Tegner

Buddhism Spreads in Japan

Buddhism spread in japan because of prince Shotoku. Buddhism was a religion that didn't work over their previous religion Shinto it only worked along side it. Buddhism was used for nobility then soon commoners used it also. Buddhism believes in virtue and wisdom.

The several types of buddhism are:

  • Tendai- was about intense study of text
  • Shingo-was about complex rituals
  • Amida-was about after death have pure salvation in pure land
  • Zen-was about how each person had precious and divine.

Zen Buddhism

Forms of Buddhism fell out and others stayed Zen Buddhism best met the Japanese circumstance. Zen was formed around self-discipline simplicity and meditation. The word Zen actually means meditation. Zen gardens were made to show simplicity. Zen was a self influenced religion. Zen was for a single person and didn't have big ceremony's and rituals to help learn about it. Zen focused on inner peace Zen influenced samurai and artists. The samurai believed that Zen would give them inner peace and help the in battles. Artist like the bold and simplicity it was made of and created paintings with dark black bold lines. Zen spread to the west also because of its popularity.
Zen Gardens - Japan

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How did Japanese adapt to Buddhism?

REVIEW: How was japan society affected by Buddhism?