Guinea Pigs

All that you need to know about these furry friends

Awesome Intro

Guinea pigs are very loving animals,and they make great pets! I have had my guinea pig P.J for three years and he helps me get through life. I bet a guinea pig can help you to! In this nonfiction article you will learn about, cool guinea pig facts, how to take care of a guinea pig, and guinea pigs in the past present and future.ENJOY!!!

Cool Guinea Pig Facts

Guinea pigs come in so many different colors! The colors are, saffron,lilac,white,beige,cream,red,golden,black,and buff. That is a lot of colors! Guinea pigs can be all different sizes, but I am sticking with average, an average guinea pig size 10-14 inches long. Females,males,girls,and boys all have different weights but once again I'm sticking with average.Female=700-900 grams,Male=900-1,200 grams,Girl=somewhere around 292 grams,Boys=somewhere around 550 grams. An average guinea pigs lifespan is 5 years,but it can be more, it really depends on how you treat your guinea pig

How To Care For A Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs need care just like any other pets. I have loads of experience, and I can not wait to teach you! Guinea pigs have special diets. They eat,fruits,veggies,store bought guinea pig food,and hay. Here is a tip,when you go to the store you may see alfalfa hay and timothy hay...GET TIMOTHY HAY,alfalfa hay can give your guinea pig kidney stones. Guinea pigs do not have a schedule but they do a lot of “stuff” during the day to keep themselves busy. During the day guinea pigs,eat,sleep,drink water,eat some more,run,play,and “go”. Guinea pigs need a perfect sized cage to run,and play. Here are my recommended sizes,for 1 guinea pig 30”x”square foot cage. For 2 guinea pigs, 30”x” square foot cage. Water is a simple category in this article, just make sure to get new water every day. It can be regular or tap water, Where you put your guinea pig's cage is CRUCIAL. Do NOT put your guinea pig's cage in a garage,the exhaust from cars and other vehicles can cause death or injury. A bedroom or spare bedroom is the right place for a guinea pig's cage. Get your guinea pig out 10-15 times a day. If your guinea pig os new feed him/her from your hand to create a bond.

Guinea Pigs In The Past,Present,And Future

Guinea pigs were not a food that was eaten a lot “back in the day” because they were not a fully discovered animal. Guinea pigs are now more common because they have been fully discovered,Also now they are as much pets as the main course. Guinea pigs are mainly eaten in South America. South Americans eat up to 65,000,000 guinea pigs a year. In the future I hope that guinea pigs can just be pets...THEY ARE TOO CUTE TO DIE!!!

Cool Conclusion

In conclusion, guinea pigs are amazing animals. Once again, in this article you have learned about, cool guinea pig facts,how to care for a guinea pig,and guinea pigs in the past present and future. I hope that I have made you appreciate guinea pigs a little bit more, I also hope that you consider adopting a guinea pig.


My guinea pig P.J! So cute!

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Guinea pigs are great pets and there are so many in need...Adopt now if you want to help

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