Alyssa Rose


The mutual affection between two people

"Remember me with affection, should you never hear from me again." (Shelley, 7)

This was at the end of letter two from Walton to his sister Margret. He is exploring the world and send her letters to know what he has been up to. The end of this letter is just telling Margret that he will be at see and may not get her letters, and she won't be able to get his. However he wants her to think of him fondly just as he will think of her . We all want our friends to remember us with affection if we were ever to go away. We would always want our friend to think of a memory and smile, because they remember the fun times they had with us.

"...I united myself in the bonds of closest friendship..." (Shelley, 22)

In chapter 2, Victor is talking about his childhood best friend, Henry Clerval. This is the same situation in the book as it would be in real life. We all have our one best friend, but sometimes we don't meet them as kids. however it doesn't matter if we met them as kids or not.

"I discovered also another means through which I was enabled to assist their labors" (Shelly, 92)

This quote is taken from chapter 12, after the Creature first saw the people. He had been watching them for a little while and saw how they struggled. He felt sympathetic and discovered ways to help them do their chores, such as collecting wood. In the modern day if we know someone, especially a friend, that is struggling with something, we try to help. Friends help each other.

"Save and protect me! You and your family are the friend whom I seek" ( Shelley, 114)

In this scene, the Creature was talking to the blind grandfather when the rest of the family was out of the cottage. When the Creature heard the family returning, he got afraid of being rejected clung to the grandfather's legs. We as people hate being rejected, and need companions in life. We especially hate being rejected by friend, its a stab in the back.

"... I could seize him and educate him as my companion and friend.." (Shelley, 122)

This is when the Creature sees Frankenstein's little brother, William, he thinks that if he captures him he would be able to teach William to be his friend. Sometimes when people are so lonely and want a friend, it makes them want to do anything to get one.

" ' You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being' " (Shelly, 124)

This quote was taken closer to the end of the book where the Creature and Frankenstein meet up. The Creature had just finished telling his story and asked Frankenstein to make him a female companion, after describing how miserable he is, " I am alone and miserable..." (Shelley, 123). The Creature has become so desperate for a friend that he is now blackmailing Frankenstein to make one for him.


Frankenstein made a Creature, who was more or less human. He felt the same thing everyone else felt. Not only was the Creature lonely, but he felt unloved, invaluable, worthless. In the article Why good friends make you happy, Philip Moeller quotes Professor Toni Antonucci, " 'Relationships help people feel that they're worthy, that they are capable, that they can set goals and accomplish them, and that they can control their life,' ". We need friends to be happy, to have a meaningful and enjoyable life. Friends make us feel wanted and pick us up when we are down, they are a necessity in life.Friends also support when ever we need it, doesn’t matter if it is a shoulder to lean on, or just someone to talk to (Moeller). Another thing is that he didn't want to live with out a companion, but if he had one he would be happy to go off and live. Friend can change our motivation levels, and they way thing think by simply doing the same things we are doing(Flora). Friends are just something that we need as humans. They make life Better.

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