Romeo & Juliet

Made by: Hailey Tittle

Who's to blame.?

Even though there's not really as blame on anyone, i still think it's Friar Lawrence's fault he gave Juliet the potion stuff that makes her pass out for 42 hours like shes dead. Juliet came upon Friar Lawrence and she was so sad that she got a potion from him. " A thing like death to chide away this shame, that copest his death himself to escape from it: and, if thou dearest, i'll give thee remedy o, bid me leap, rather than marry pairs" my text is significant to my position because it's Mainly Friar Lawrence's fault because he knew what he was giving her and he knew it would make her pass out for 42 hours just like shes dead but he still gave it to her. "Had part in this fair made; now heaven hath all, and all the better is it for the made: your part in her you could not keep from death but heaven keeps his part in eternal life" the text is significant to my position because Friar Lawrence is basically saying that Juliet was gonna die anyway cause he thought she was gonna kill herself if she couldn't have Romeo and after she woke up she stabbed herself with a knife.

Relations between Romeo and Juliet and love story.

The relations between both Romeo and Juliet along with love story, they both cant be together because there family has a fude thing against each other. "you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles, And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet" And I was crying on the staircase Begging you, Please don't go." that songs called "Love Story" by Taylor Swift and that part of the song is basically about Juliet's father not wanting or letting Romeo marry his daughter. She was sad and was begging her father for his blessing so they can get married.
Taylor Swift - Love Story

Relations between west side story and Romeo and Juliet.

This movie is called West side story and the 2 main characters are Tony and Maria and i think this movie relates to Romeo and Juliet because they both aren't supposed to see each other but sneak and see each other anyway. Romeo and Juliet weren't supposed to see each other also but they are in love and decided to see each other after all. And in both stories they're not allowed to be with each other but that doesn't stop them from seeing each other but then something happens and Juliet ends up dying and so does Romeo. "Maria! ,quiet! ,come down! , no. ,Maria... ,pleas if Bernardo- He's at the dance. come down. ,he will bring Anita home. ,just for a minute , a minute is not enough. ,for an hour then. ,i cannot. ,forever!" He was saying that he wants her to come with him forever and that's what Romeo said to Juliet.
West Side Story 1986

Relations between stop kiss and romeo and Juliet.

I picked the novel Stop Kiss because i think it resembles Romeo and Juliet because in the book there's these two girls Callie and Sara both claim there straight but secretly they feel feeling for each other and end up kissing and Don't know if they can tell anyone or not. I think this resembles romeo and Juliet because they both fall in love but can't really tell anyone because there family has a feud against each other.
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