Come To Venezuela

By: Jake Rathje, Aman Shah, and Jack Cagigal!

What You Need to Know

Top 10 things to bring to Venezuela

  • Water: When you are exploring you won’t get thristy

  • A tarp: To block the sun/rain if you are camping outside

  • Boots: It could rain, then you need boots

  • Sunscreen: You won’t get sunburned with sunscreen on

  • A Phone: You can contact your family members or other people with this

  • Umbrella: To block the sun or block the rain

  • Snacks: So you don’t get hungry

  • GPS: You will know where you are going with this

  • Extra Clothes: In case you misplace any other clothes

  • First Aid Kit: If anybody gets injured you will be prepared

5 Famous People who came from Venezuela

  1. Bobby Abreau- Baseball player who played outfielder for the New York Mets organization

  2. Hugo Chavez- He was the president for Venezuela from 1999-2013

  3. Bo Diaz- Baseball player who played for the Boston Red Sox as Catcher.

  4. Otilio Galindez- He was a Venezuelan composer he was famous for his Christmas songs.

  5. Gaby Espino- She is an Venezuelan actress who is best known for telenovelas.

Top Ten Places To go in Venezuela

  1. The Wide variety of rainforests

  2. Many of their mountains

  3. White sand beaches

  4. Hiking trips around the forests

  5. Seeing angel falls in person

  6. Fishing in the Carribean Sea

  7. Excellent scuba diving

  8. Traveling to Margarita islands to go to there many beaches and shops

  9. Going to the capital city of Caracas where they have many unique restaurants and shops

  10. Visiting the amazing sand dunes at Los Medanos

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Economy of Venezuela

The economy of Venezuela is very important to the country. Petroleum has a major impact on Economy. At first the economy was based on agriculture such as cacao and coffee. It has become one of the wealthiest and rapidly changed countries in the world. Even though Venezuela is a wealthy country poverty and unemployment are major problems. Bauxite, coal, diamonds, gold, iron ore are important minerals in the country of Venezuela. The currency of Venezuela is the Venezuelan Bolivar.

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Current Events of Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro is the current president of Venezuela. Venezuela is actually the most urbanized country in South America. The flag was most recently adopted in 3/12/2006. The current literacy rate is 93%. Oil and gas currently help stable Venezuela's economy. Nowadays Venezuela is a hot spot for tourists.

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Goverment of Venezuela

The government is just like America. They both have a president, but the venezuelan president serves for 6 years and the American serves for 4 years. Venezuela president governs with a council of ministers which has 165 members. You can vote when you are 18, that is just like America. There is a Democratic Action Party and a Social Christian Party. These two parties have been challenged by the Movement for a Fifth Republic and Un Nuevo Tiempo. Venezuela’s government is just like America.

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Culture of Venezuela

Venezuela has a very interesting country, and has an interesting culture. They are almost like americans, they do the same things but in a different way. Venezuela eats a food called pepitas, also they also say hamburgers and hotdogs. Venezuela's official language is Spanish. The people throw baby showers for pregnant women. Venezuela’s first name was Little Venice but its real name is Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. That’s just a little about Venezuela’s culture but there is so much more out there. Venezuela is just like America.

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History of Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the many countries in the western that Christopher Columbus discover in the 15th century. But before Columbus discovered it many indigenous groups of indians lived there including the Caracas,Arawak, Cumanagotos. Later throughout the years the spanish came from spain and conquered the area. Hundreds of years later there was no independence from spain so the people of Venezuela has thrown maybe revolts but finally in 1811 they received. But even though they were free from spanish they were still ruled by a dictator till 1958.

Venezuela has changed over the years from being a part of spain then it got free of spain but it was ruled by a dictators and then was free again. It also “dogged” many of the main wars like World War I, World War II, and The Vietnam War. But doesn’t mean they didn't have any wars in their country. In the years 1811-1823 Venezuela was facing difficulties with Spain and had a war of independence and won in 1823 to become their own country from the rest of the spain.