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Oakleigh Elementary School

Principal: Sharon Mason-
Assistant Principal: Lisa Grace-

The Principal’s Corner

Hello Oakleigh Families,

Welcome Spring! We look forward to a brief break and then returning to focus on academic growth. Students in grades three, four, and five will take PARCC assessments for reading and math beginning on April 24. Look for more specific information from your child's teacher regarding specific dates.

Please help support a safe and secure dismissal for all of our 650 students! Send a signed note to your child's teacher if you need to change your child's typical dismissal routine so staff can be prepared. Only emergency changes should be made after 2:30. This includes picking up early in the office.

As the weather warms, be on the lookout for more children walking to and from school. Please be alert and follow all traffic and parking rules. We continue to have difficulty with illegally parked cars that interrupt the flow of traffic leading to unsafe situations for students. A sincere thank you to all parents who consistently comply with parking regulations.

All the best,

Mrs. Sharon Mason

April Dates To Remember

April 4th- Monthly PTA Meeting @ 5PM

April 7th- Spring Break Begins at the End of the School Day

April 18th- School Reopens

April 20th- Distribution of Report Cards

April 24th- PARCC Testing Window Begins


Hello Oakleigh Families,

Have you checked out the PTA's website lately? You can find information about events, fundraisers, volunteer training, membership, and more at

Yearbooks can still be ordered online until Sunday, April 16th. The PTA's website has the link and code to use for ordering.

Oakleigh is heading to Camden Yards on Friday, May 19th to see the Orioles take on the Blue Jays. Tickets are only $10 each and we get to see a great fireworks display. Orders and payments are due by Wednesday, April 19th. Additional forms are available on the PTA's website and in the school's office.

Our next Family Spirit Night is Monday, April 24th at Pie Five on Campbell Blvd in Nottingham.

Please contact me with any questions at Find out how you can become more involved with the PTA at Oakleigh.

Happy Spring!

Jean White - PTA President

Kindergarten News

Spring has finally sprung! Our Kindergarten Students enjoyed their Weather units and Animal Kingdom units. The upcoming unit in reading will be all about Transportation. Please continue to practice sight words daily and allow your child to read aloud to you or someone nightly as well.

In math our students have finished up their shape unit. Ask your child to identify and describe shapes all around them! Students are continuing to work on addition and subtraction. Please practice counting to 100 and join in on the dreambox fun!

They are able to access dreambox and a variety of digital resources and databases.

Students can login to their BCPSOne account by going to:

Students will be going on a field trip to Goucher College to watch the play Skippyjon Jones II. All field trip money will be due mid April. Our trip is planned for May. Please return the field trip slip signed with exact amount of money. This trip is for students only.

Kindergarten round up for next year is approaching, if you have a child entering Kindergarten for the 2017-2018 school year please call the office for a May appointment.

Thank you for your support,

The Kindergarten Team

1st Grade News

Happy spring to our first grade families! It is hard to believe it is already April. Students enjoyed our recent field trip to Goucher College to watch the play The Cat in the Hat. In reading, our first graders are having fun working with nonfiction texts, particularly reading and writing how-to texts.

In math we are in unit 6, which involves addition and subtraction story problems using numbers up to 20. Students are completing activities to deepen their number sense and playing games to increase their fact fluency.

Again, we continue to encourage parents to give students time to work on dreambox at home. Over the last few weeks our classes have been participating in the Dreambox Spring Math Challenge! We have been competing with other schools to complete the greatest number of dreambox lessons each week. Students can login to their BCPSOne account by going to They are able to access their lesson tiles, dreambox, and a variety of digital resources and databases.


The First Grade Team

2nd Grade News

In reading, we will begin our mysteries unit! We will read different mysteries in order to identify the plot, problem/solution, and major events in the story. We will also discuss how an author develops the characters and structure in a mystery story. At the end of the unit, we will write our own original mysteries! Visit the local library to pick up some mysteries to read together at home! Also, please keep practicing phonics words and fluent reading at home.

In math, we are beginning unit 6. We will continue to use efficient strategies to solve story problems and will be introducing three digit numbers. Please continue to practice math facts, skip-counting, and counting coins at home!

Thank you for the continued support!

3rd Grade News

The fourth quarter is under way and we are busily preparing your student for fourth grade. With the next year in mind, please continue to reinforce the importance of completing homework every night. Not only does it reinforce academic concepts, but it also promotes responsibility. Third graders will continue to have homework in reading and math Monday-Thursday.

In Math, students will study many geometric and measurement concepts, including the attributes of quadrilaterals, telling time, and finding area and perimeter. Mathematical concepts are everywhere, so try to incorporate them into everyday conversation at home (fractions, time, multiplication, division, etc.).

Our Safe Racer unit is under way and the students are experiencing a hands on cooperative learning activity. After the conclusion of the races, students will be given an opportunity to analyze the data to determine the winner. It certainly is a great learning lesson to try and try until you are successful!

In English Language Arts, students have been learning about how solving problems leads to new inventions and innovations. For our culminating event, we will have a special guest come to Oakleigh to present on the process he follows when approving patents. Then students will have an opportunity to collaborate with a small group of classmates to create their own invention. Afterwards, they will present their invention to our special guest, Mrs. Pabis and Mrs. Tagliaferro, and their peers.

Students are learning about healthy habits in unit two of the Health curriculum. They will determine what characteristics make them unique, what is included in a well-balanced meal, and how to set goals for themselves. Talk about some great life skills!

The Third Grade Team

4th Grade News

As we head into spring, it's amazing to realize we're in the 4th quarter of 4th grade! This year has truly flown by. We are doing our best to help your child become ready for 5th grade here at school. At home, this would be a good time to ensure that your child has some household chores, to encourage responsibility, and a sense of being part of the big picture. There should also be a fairly high level of independence at this point. Can they set up their own schedule for playing vs completing homework? Make sure it is put in the correct spot for school the next day? Possibly packing their own lunch, or making their own breakfast? Fifth grade comes with very high expectations for responsibility, so getting ready now would help in the long run. And as we're thinking about expectations, please remind your child about current expectations as well. Spring fever tends to affect behavior, yet we have a lot of curriculum to cover in the remaining weeks. It's also a time of our annual testing, so please make sure your child is here every day to learn, and show off their best. In between all of the business though, please take time to go outside and enjoy some nature. Science is blooming.


We are still enthusiastically collecting Box Tops for Education. Please continue to send in valid (please check the expiration date) box tops from the products that come into your home. Last year we raised $1400.00, which was used to purchase a variety of items to be used here at school. This year so far, we have already raised $1,000.00, and we are hoping to expand this fantastic start before the March deadline. As an added incentive, if your child brings in box tops, there is a small prize for every set of 50. To ensure proper credit to your child, it's best if they come in a bag or envelope, with your child's name, as well as their teacher's. So please keep clipping and saving. It's really adding up to help, and everyone's "little bit" can add up to something great.


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