What's Happening this Week @ CC

Staff Information Week of September 29th

Another Smooth Start

Thanks to everyone for their work getting students into classes in a thoughtful and efficient manner. As of Friday morning, we had all students into their classes for the 2014/2015 school year. As we all know, Coyote Creek was given a new K division on Thursday and we now have 26 divisions. I'm pleased to announce that Mike Chan will be our new Kindergarten teacher starting on Monday September 29th.

To help in our discussion around the School Calendar, we'll be sending out a tentative calendar for people to look at before the Staff Meeting Monday morning. As you know, there was no input from Staff, so everything is up for discussion on Monday. I simply made the best "guesses" I could based on last year's Calendar. Looking forward to the discussion on Monday.

Staff Meeting Agenda

This Monday September 29th will be our first staff meeting of the year.

Please don't bring any marking or any other distractors, so we can focus on the agenda and discussions, and move through the items as efficiently as possible.

Any other items, please let me know.

Staff Meeting Agenda

Monday September 29th

2:45 p.m. in the Library

1) Calendar

2) Music

3) Remembrance Day Committee (Harpreet, Heidi, Phil..others?)

3) PAC Wish List Update

4) Staff Committee Update

5) Recognition Committee

6) LRS Update

6) Sunshine Committee Update

7) School Plan Update (Math Assessment Tool)

8) Skating and Lessons (Instruction)

8) School Planning Council

9) Health and Safety

10) Library

11) Terry Fox Run and International Walk to School Day

12) My Ed BC