Impact-Europe's Physical Geography

Marco and Mariana

Population Distribution

Population distribution throughout Europe is very complex knowing that Europe goes to many parts of the world with different climates and resources. Here are some pictures that can represent how Europe is most populated or what kinds of populations are in the area. The maps indicate that places near London, Germany, and France are very populated. This is expected because these are very large places who obviously have more room compared to other countries. The map referring to the teens in Europe, they are very spread out. The only outlier is that there exceptionally more 18 year old's in the Turkey are than any other.

Trade in Europe

In ancient times, Europe trade source came from food and clothes. However, the rich spent their trades on art, jewelry, and other commodities.

In medieval times, trade was safer in terms of long distance trade. This was the effect of the Roman Empire breakup. Europe world wide trade specialized in rich in wine, fruit, and oil with other countries.

In The Early Modern Period, simply said, Industrialization was on the rise, shareholders became popular and clothes, and other riches were made easier.

The video that follows explain what the Eu trade is, or an overview to say the least.

EU Open Market


Europe's geography

There are five major peninsula's in the " Land of Peninsula's."

1. The Italian Peninsula or Apennine Peninsula

2. Iberian Peninsula

3. Balkan Peninsula

4. Jutland Peninsula

5. Scandinavian Peninsula

In the next couple of posts, I will be talking about only the three major ones which are the Italian, Balkan, and Iberian Peninsula.

Italian Peninsula

The Italian Peninsula is made up of Italy, the republic of San Marino, and the Vatican City. The Apennines, a mountain range, runs along here as the Alps hover at the top of the peninsula. This peninsula lies in between the Adriatic Sea and the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian seas.

This peninsula has helped its inhabitants for several years for reasons of protection, fertile land, and abundant amounts of water. The many freshwater rivers that are found here make it hard for water shortages to ever happen and they provide nutrients and minerals for the land, making it fertile and very agricultural. Plus the Alps above act as a barricade, protecting the inhabitants of the peninsula below.

As well as that the peninsula helps it's countries economically and socially through trade and migration. For trade, the peninsula is very convenient because it is relatively close to other countries and is abundant in goods. It is also good for people who are migrating to find better work or to get better protection.

The Italian Peninsula helped the economy during the Crusades because they would sell supplies and goods to the Crusaders over-priced. They were able to do this because the Crusaders had no other choice but to buy here because it was so close. Also the Crusaders had to go through the Italian Peninsula to get to where they wanted to go. In the end, the Italian Peninsula has always had a great impact on history, economically and socially.

Balkan Peninsula

In the Balkan Peninsula, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and part of Turkey are all the countries that make up this peninsula. In these areas, there are various mountains such as the Balkans, the Dinaric Alps, the Pindus etc...

In agriculture, the economy is horrible, but for trade this is one of the best places to be. Being so close to Asia, they can trade merchandise that back then, everyone wanted. Even now the peninsula is one of the closest regions to Asia in Europe, making it good for their economy. This trade helps the countries socially as well by diversifying their countries with the various cultures of Asia.

Iberian Peninsula

Andorra, Portugal, Spain, and the colony of Gibraltar make up the Iberian Peninsula. The Pyrenees Mountains borders this peninsula from the rest of Europe.

Where this peninsula is located, it is in the perfect position because it has the ability to control what enter and leaves the Mediterranean Sea. This gives the peninsula a sort of protect from other countries. Also they are able to trade easily with the Americas and some countries in Africa making these peninsula countries a high target for supplies and goods from the Americas and Africa. Also through these multiple ports all around, the countries inside the peninsula get influenced by multiple cultures all over and receives new information from on going travelers.