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What is ADHD?

ADHD or otherwise known as, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a disorder or condition that often occurs in children up to adulthood.

What Body System is Affected?

ADHD affects different areas of the brain. The areas affected are the motor cortex (an area of the brain made to control a persons movement), and frontal cortex (an area of the brain in control of attention, reason, memory, planning, and inhibition).

How does this condition arise?

This condition could be caused by genetics, environmental issues, or substance abuse.

Diagnosis and Prognosis

ADHD is diagnosed by a doctor, based on your actions and behavior, or your speed of processing information. Somebody with this condition will have a normal life span.
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Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms of ADHD are trouble paying attention, easily distracted, making careless mistakes, forgetting to or not doing your homework, don't listen or obey to adult commands, fidgeting, squirming, getting out of your seat during a class, talking too much, or interrupting other while they are speaking.

How do you treat ADHD?

The most common way to treat ADHD is to take medication such as adderall, dexedrine, dextrostat, vyvanse, or medadate.

Target Population

ADHD mostly affects males more than females and kids from the ages 3-16. Older males and females maybe middle aged might not be as affected by ADHD as children and young adults are.


I have have had this disorder for my entire life, and got diagnosed when I was in fifth grade. I am now in eighth grade, and still sometimes struggle with the symptoms, but have been managing it.
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